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419-Pound Gay Man Stavros Louca Wins Beauty Contest

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If you think beauty pageants are all about being fit, then this one British contestant certainly proved that that isn’t the case all the time.

Stavros Louca from United Kingdom has been bullied for most of his life.

Plus-Size Man Stavros Louca


Louca said that the bullying and struggles he went through stemmed from the fact that he was both gay and obese. He admitted that he really had difficulty in losing his excess weight.

He further described how straight people would inquire if he were gay because he was too big for his age to ever find a girl. Gay people showcase a meaner streak and straight up mock him for his size.

Sick and tired of being bullied, this 419-pound man decided to build up his confidence and even get a boyfriend in the process.

Exactly how did he do this?

He joined the Mr. Gay UK pageant back in 2012. Louca admitted that he was quite nervous when he joined the pageant.

“I thought people would laugh at me, throw abusive language at me, but everyone deserves a bit of happiness.”

Stavros Louca During Pageant

Despite everyone’s doubts during the initial part of the pageant, he nailed the competition and defeated his skinny competitors. The secret to his success was the way he danced, sang and most importantly, laughed his way through the competition.

Tony Maudsley, British actor and television personality, who was one of the judges during the competition, had this to say about Louca:

“Stavros was doing well. He was really funny and taking part and the crowd was behind him. He was having a good time, we were having a good time.”

Two days after the pageant, the organizers phoned Louca and disqualified him due to technicality. This was during the underwear segment of the contest. He described that the technicality was based on the fact that he could not fit the small or medium sized underwear that were provided by the organizers.

He bagged the prize by popular vote.

An outpouring of support came for Stavros following the disqualification. Even the current Mr. Gay UK and Mr. Gay World Stuart Hatton showed his support. After a series of investigations, the organizers of the pageant released an official statement saying:

“We were totally shocked and unaware of the situation regarding Stavros being replaced as the London heat winner. Following our investigations we would like to make it clear in 2012 there was not an official representative from Mr Gay UK in attendance at the London heat and that the judges and audience decision appears to have been overturned at the venue without our knowledge.”

“Mr Gay UK strives to endorse equality and encourages diversity and positive searches for a good role model for our community and beyond. The Mr Gay UK team are disgusted by the treatment Stavros has received and do not condone this at all.”

They apologized to Louca as well.

“We would like to extend our apology to Stavros for this terrible decision, had we been made aware we would have objected.”

Check out Louca’s stunning performance that blew the audiences away in the clip below:


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