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7 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers You Should Be Following

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Plus-size fashion blogs are one of the richest source of materials about the plus size industry found on the Internet. These blogs usually provide unlimited access to the latest trends and styles invading the plus size fashion scene and they are written by plus-size women who are equally active and passionate about the industry.

Fashion Bloggers

These plus-size fashion bloggers come from a range of backgrounds. They can be models, stylists, or even just fashion enthusiasts. One of the greatest features about these blogs is that they offer a unique and personalized perspective about being a plus size in the fashion community. In  a world dominated by a warped sense of beauty, these plus-size blogs are not just becoming bearers of updates in the fashion world, but also platforms in spreading the advocacy that fashion is for people of all shapes and sizes.

Here are the top plus-size fashion bloggers that every plus-size woman should know and follow:

1.) Nicolette Mason

Mason is a Los Angeles native, who is now a New York-based blogger. She is a fashion consultant, writer, and editor whose countless of experiences are chronicled in her fashion blog. Her blog was launched in 2009 and started out as an exploration of her love for fashion.

The blog eventually blossomed into a diary that chronicles her adventures on international travel, style, and her burgeoning career in the fashion industry. It also provides readers with optimal eye candy for glittery heels and French macarons. She also provides an insightful look on visual culture and body confidence.

Aside from her blog, she is also a contributor and columnist at Marie Claire. Mason also has contributed to several high fashion magazines like Glamour Magazine Italy, Vogue Italia, and Stylecaster. She is also an esteemed designer, having designed her own line in collaboration with the fashion brand ModCloth. She has been featured on several popular media shows like The Today Show and Good Morning America.

2.) GabiFresh

Chicago-based plus-size blogger Gabi, who has an interest on fashion journalism, started her blog on September 2008, shortly after graduating from college. She saw blogging as the perfect platform to engage people with her fascination about all things pertaining to fashion.

And, what started out as a hobby became a full time job for Gabi. Like fellow blogger Nicolette Mason, she, too, has appeared on popular media shows like Good Morning American and Rip the Runway. She was also featured in high fashion magazines like Seventeen, Cosmopolitan and InStyle.

Aside from her own blog, she also contributes to other online platforms like, and Refinery29.

3.) Curvy Girl Chic

California native Allison Teng is the author of the plus-size fashion blog Curvy Girl Chic. She created the blog as a creative platform to connect with other plus size women and fashionistas, who share her love for fashion and shopping.

Aside from being a blogger, Teng has collaborated with many fashion and lifestyle brands like ASOS, Torrid and Simply Be. Her blog features outfit posts, product reviews and trending and shopping spotlights. Her blog has been featured in both print and online publications, including People StyleWatch, Seventeen Magazine and Marie Claire.

4.) My Curves and Curls

My Curves and Curls is the brainchild of Malibu native and Canadian based-blogger Assa. This wife and mother of two started the blog in 2008. Her blog features personal style, hair, beauty and thrift finds. This blogger is known for her very versatile fashion style.

5.) From the Corners of the Curve

This fashion blog was created by London-based plus sized blogger Callie. From the Corners of the Curve was first launched in 2012 and was initially a diet diary than a fashion blog. The blog eventually became a fashion blog when Callie decided to take a more positive approach on her self esteem.

Callie’s blog features several topics, including food, travel, and lifestyle.

6.) Forever Fabulous in Bows

Forever Fabulous in Bows is the creation of Dubai-based blogger Sian. The blog was launched back in 2012. Her love for fashion prompted her to create the blog in the first place and it features a mixture of fashion, beauty and travel and lifestyle posts.

Her blog has been featured in a series of publications, including Buzzfeed and Look Magazine.

7.) Girl with Curves

This plus-size fashion blog is the creation of celebrated fashion blogger, designer, and style influencer Tanesha Awasthi. This award-winning blog has been featured in many fashion publications and was awarded as the top fashion blog by several international media and fashion outlets. Some of the blog’s notable awards include Best Curvy Blog of 2012, Bloggies for Best Fashion or Beauty Weblog of 2013 and 2014.

Awasthi, herself, was voted the Bay Area Fashion Blogger Award in 2014. Aside from being a blogger, the plus-size influencer is also a contributor for Redbook Magazine.

Blogs have proven to be invaluable outlets and go-to sites for aspiring plus-size personalities. Their personalized approach in dealing with topics like fashion and beauty makes them the ultimate tools and creative platforms for the amazing advocacy that celebrates all types of beauty.


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