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Fashion Dos and Don’ts for the Plus-Size Women of 2020

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It’s 2020, and the old myths about wearing plus-size outfits no longer apply! Rejoice!

Compared to the previous decade, the fashion and modeling industries have become significantly more inclusive as people around the world found their voice on the internet. Compared to the previous generation, plus-size women today are faced with more clothing options, fashion inspirations, fashion collections, and irresistible plus-size brands like Part & Parcel. Here are era-appropriate fashion dos and don’ts to be happy about.

Fashion Dos and Don’ts for Wearing Plus-Size Outfits in 2020

Fashion Dos and Don'ts

DO be comfortable in your own skin, first and foremost.

Beauty is about confidence and self-love! Life is so much more beautiful and fun when you’re happy about how you look than when you’re hiding away so many parts of you. Don’t be afraid to show some skin if it suits you! If you feel your full bust is a great feature, it’s perfectly fine to wear a blouse that shows a little cleavage.

DO know your body type.

Identify your body type to wear clothes that look gorgeous on you. There are generally five body types: hourglass, triangle, oval, inverted triangle, and rectangle. Knowing yours will help you choose the right silhouette. If you’re an inverted triangle, for example, you may find that wearing a skirt that’s a little fuller gives you balance. Don’t forget to make sure you wear well-fitted undergarments underneath your clothing to make sure you don’t ruin the silhouette you’re going for.

DO know how to wear leggings.


Leggings are not pants! If no other rule sticks in your mind, let this be the one you remember on how to wear leggings. There are even some girls wearing jeggings, as if they are skinny jeans. If you wear them as if they’re pants, you could very well end up exposing your rear and your underwear to the world. Some people will tell you plus-size women should not wear leggings, and we know this is simply not true. It’s who don’t know how to wear them who should not wear leggings. One should always wear them with a longer top, sweater, or whatever as long as it drapes down low enough to cover the front and rear. If you’re planning on using leggings for the gym, there are appropriate work-out leggings available.

DON’T hide in bulky clothes.

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Like, never. If you were always told that oversized layers would hide all your sins, that was probably 2003. Not only will baggy clothing make you appear much larger, baggy clothing doesn’t flatter anyone. When you put on layers of shapeless clothing and create a rectangle box from your neck to your ankles, you’re visually adding twenty pounds to your appearance. There is nothing to be ashamed of! Show off your shape in outfits that flaunt your curves. At the end of the day, we are all trying to feel comfortable and great, and wearing baggy clothes is not the way to do it.

DON’T be afraid of colors and prints.

Monochrome can indeed work wonders by creating one long, lean, continual line, but the thing is, we don’t want you to look like a line. A common misconception is that wearing all black or white is slimming and can hide whatever you need to hide. Again, there’s nothing to hide! Unleash your creativity and use floral patterns, animal prints, and marigold shades. Play around with different fabrics and accessorize according to your color scheme. Check out 11 Honore’s NYFW pieces, and marvel at how lovely bright colors look on plus-size women! 

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