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Beauty Pageant Audition Tips for Plus-Size Ladies

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“You are beautiful no matter what size you are.” Nowadays, more and more plus-size women are learning to live by this mantra. They are becoming more confident in their own skin and are learning to take care of themselves better while owning their being plus-size at the same time. And the whole world is sitting up and taking notice. 

One proof that plus-size women are slowly but surely taking the spotlight on the global stage is the emergence of beauty pageants for plus-size women. These kinds of events are becoming more and more popular as of late. For the plus-size women who join these pageants, these events are more than just an occasion to parade around in their favorite gowns and swimwear; they are also opportunities to express to the world their pride in being who they are. 

Holly Bissonnette | thefashionspot

If you’re a plus-size woman intent on joining one of these pageants, then congratulations. As early as now, we express our admiration to you for your self-confidence and courage on deciding to stand on that stage and represent all our fellow plus-size ladies. Just your presence on that stage is enough to inspire other women who might be like you but who haven’t yet found the same self-confidence and courage that you have. 

But you should know that when joining such pageants, you have your work cut out for you. Joining the pageant is more than just learning how to sashay down a ramp in a dress. Before you’d ever have that opportunity, you first have to pass your audition. The following are some tips that might prove helpful to you when trying to impress the panel of judges at your audition:

1. Make a winning first impression at the interview.

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No matter how glamorous your look is or how amazing your talent is, they will not matter so much as your answer in the interview room. This is where the judges will determine if you have what it takes to be a pageant contestant. They will want to know who you are beyond your name and your vital statistics. When answering their questions, keep this in mind: if your answers are too general or similar to other contestants’, it’s probably not a good answer. You need to set yourself apart by relating your unique anecdotes and highlighting your interests. 

2. Be at your physical and mental best for the audition.

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It won’t do for you to be in poor condition during the audition as it will affect your performance and thus your chances of entering the pageant. You have to be at your best, physically and mentally. Eat right and work out properly and make sure you get enough rest weeks or even months before the audition. Doing all these will help you be at your best during the actual audition.

3. Don’t overdress but don’t dress down either.

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As this is just the audition, you don’t need to be dressed to the nines. However, you still need to make a good impression on the judges, so it’s not recommended that you come in a much too laid-back style. Smart casual is the way to go—jeans or casual trousers, a shirt or blouse, and a pair of closed shoes. Also, pay attention to your makeup; keep it light and natural as you would want the judges to see your natural beauty as much as possible, without the hindrances of heavy makeup. 

Joining a plus-size pageant is one of the most positive experiences you will ever have. If you apply the above-mentioned tips, you’ll have high chances of acing the audition and grabbing what is sure to be one of the biggest opportunities of your life. 

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