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The Best Places to Buy Plus-Size Clothing

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A curvier woman might have trouble when it comes to clothes shopping. This is because most brick and mortar shops aren’t well stocked with plus-size clothing. Plus, almost all clothing available in these shops are shapeless and not fashionable.

Because of this, plus-size women are left with no other choice, but to search online for the best buys. When they go on the Internet, they are able to find many brands that offer stylish clothing at good prices. However, there are actually a number of offline stores that provide the best value and fashion for any fuller-figured woman if you just know where to look.

So, to help you in this matter, here are some of the best online and offline shops to choose from when buying plus-size clothing:

1. Evans

Evans has 180 stores in the UK and Ireland. Their clothes make a woman feel confident and beautiful with her curves, and they provide clothing that really celebrates the plus-size figure. They have sales advisers that give professional advice to their clients. They understand their customer’s views on body image and they offer online exclusives for those who prefer shopping from home.

Plus-Size Clothing

2. Boohoo

This online retailer from Manchester, UK is one of the best kept fashion secrets in the industry. It has been around for eight years and they’ve been pushing the boundaries to give customers cutting-edge designs at affordable price tags. They go with the trends and there’s definitely something for everyone in this store. And, they have a myriad of choices from among their new collections coming out every week.

Plus-Size Clothing

3. Very

If you log onto the Website, you will find many of the top brands in plus-size fashion. This retailer offers plenty of choices for the fashionistas, who dare to stand out from the crowd. UK celebrity Gemma Collins has her own plus-size range available on the site for her plus-size fans.

Plus-Size Clothing

4. New Look

New Look brings you their Inspire range where the sizes don’t stop at 14. Their dresses, jeans, and tops go up to size 28. You will look and feel fabulous when you try on their items. Plus-size clothing needs to have a flattering fit, and this company certainly knows how to provide that. Their garments are beautifully designed and affordable.

5. Marks & Spencer

You will not be disappointed with the plus-size range in this store. They have improved in leaps and bounds and are currently releasing fashionable, tailored, and well-made clothes for their customers.

Plus-Size Clothing

6. F&F at Tesco

This low cost brand keeps their customers in mind when designing their clothes. They offer on-trend plus-size tops, coats, jeans, and other wardrobe staples. Their fashion forward colors and prints will keep you suitably styled for the season. Their sizes range from 16-28.

Plus-Size Clothing


ASOS has their Curve line for their plus-size market. They offer sizes 18 to 30. They have an entire section devoted to the plus-size market.

8. Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant is a well-known name in plus-size clothing. They emphasize fashion and fit. They are a leader in plus-size fashion, and they also offer everything from basic tops to underwear. From head to toe, Lane Bryant has got you covered. Ashley Graham is one of the models for this brand. In fact, she is most well known for her endorsement of this plus-size powerhouse.

9. Target

At Target, you will find clothes for every size and figure. If you are looking for the perfect jeans, dress, or underwear, you can choose from their extensive plus-size department. Their affordable clothes can be used to mix and match and let the fashionista in you emerge. They’ve got beachwear and coats and jackets. They have everything you need for any season of the year.

Plus-Size Clothing

Check out these stores and their Web sites for their latest fashion offering. These are the best places to buy clothing if you are a curvier woman. An additional tip would be to read the size guide very carefully if you are shopping online for plus-size clothing. The actual clothes may look different on you than it does on the model or mannequin, that is why you need to study the size guide. Some retailers give a more generous cut to clothing, so your size will depend on the brand you buy from.

Plus-size clothing comes in great fashionable cuts now. It’s like buying from a straight size brand. They no longer just sell giant, tent-like, unflattering dresses. They know that a woman, whether plus-size or straight size, will always appreciate good quality, affordable, stylish clothes. They have changed their lines to suit the market, so when you go to the stores or visit the web sites, you will be spoiled for choice.

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