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Tiffany Newson Embraces Curves to Become a Plus-Size Model

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Tiffany Newson always had hopes of landing her dream job of being a model. She would pose in front of casting agents, hoping her gorgeous smile would win them over. Despite having a good face and long legs and being 5’11” in height, Tiffany was a size 10, which meant that she was considered too big for the straight size modeling world, but she was also too small to be a plus-size model.

Plus-Size Model

She was first spotted by a modeling scout when she was 16. As she developed, her weight also changed, and she became 140 pounds.

When casting agents told her she was too broad-shouldered and needed to lose weight, Tiffany ignored their advice. She then gained more weight and became a plus-size model. She’s now pursuing her modeling career and has a partner who loves her curvaceous figure.

The 24-year-old was always told by casting agents that she had a good face, but her body was too large. She was advised to drop from size 10 to size 6. At that size, she would have been too thin when you take into consideration her height. She focused on trying to land a modeling job after she finished dance school, but she never got the job. She received the same comments about her size at each audition.

No matter how strong you are, when you hear something so often, it will start to affect you. Tiffany would count calories and eat smaller portions at meal times. She eventually stopped going to castings and just kept her focus on becoming thinner.

Her mother, Tina Newson, became fed up after watching Tiffany count calories for months. She encouraged her to go to a hair model casting in summer 2011. She got the part, and that really changed her outlook. Getting that job helped her realize that she could still work in the modeling industry even if she wasn’t stick thin.

Plus-Size Model

Getting that part was all the motivation she needed to refocus and correct her diet. She ignored the comments about her weight, and she was determined to find a way to make it work. When she started going back to castings, she would be turned down a lot. At that point she had low self-esteem, and her boyfriend at the time did not help matters because she was also judging her body and telling her what to eat.

After two years together, the relationship fizzled. His constant judgment about her weight was too much for Tiffany. She was rejected by casting agents and even her own boyfriend.

Tiffany Newson

Finally, she realized that she spent a lot of time trying to please other people. She knew she’d be happier when she didn’t constantly have to watch what she ate. At the time she wasn’t the right size to be a straight model, but she was still too small to be plus-size. She gained weight by eating more.

She gained a new confidence when she got bigger. Looking at her curves in the mirror was satisfying now that she could fill out her bodycon dresses. She met a new partner who loved her curves, and that also gave her confidence a boost.

Tiffany was enjoying her new size and her new life. She read more about plus-size auditions and decided she’d have a better chance if she was bigger. She promised that should never be thin again. When Tiffany was size 16–18, she was encouraged by her boyfriend to try going to castings again. Although she wanted to be a model, the memory of her many rejections made her hesitant to jump back into that world.

For the first plus-size job she auditioned for, Tiffany Newson weighed 204 pounds, and she didn’t know what to expect. She tried out for a TV commercial by sending in her headshot and résumé. She was happily surprised when she was chosen for the Amazon commercial.

Since then, she has been in a nationwide ad for Harry Potter Studios, and she made it to the final 20 of Ms. Curvaceous, a plus-size model competition. Her job offers have really started to pour in. She’s a rising star in the plus-size industry, but she still maintains her day job as an admin assistant.

To maintain her figure, Tiffany Newson goes to dance classes and the gym. She wants to be healthy and look good for the castings, so she works on being toned. Her message to other women is that you can be big and sexy, and she is proof of that. She fulfilled her dream and became a model. She’s one to look out for in the rising generation of plus-size models.

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