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Plus-Size Fashion Myths You Need to Ignore

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The fashion industry has long been known as very exclusive. They do not necessarily accept different body types or different races. They come up with a standard of beauty, and they are slow to change. The past ten years have made steady, solid jumps for fashion to be more inclusive, and plus-size models are finally getting some recognition.

Plus-Size Fashion

In the fashion industry, the bigger people are considered plus-size; but in the Black community, they are considered normal size. Some Black plus-size models like Liris Crosse, Anita Marshall, Samantha Lebbie, Kori LeiLani, and Chasity Saunders are becoming very popular in the modeling industry.

When Tess Holliday appeared on the cover of People magazine in June 2015, she tore down another barrier. With her size 22 figure, she made it to the cover of one of America’s most popular magazines, though she did stir up some controversy when she stated that “Black men love me!” because of her size.

Right now, it’s hard for the big established brands to ignore plus-size fever. Fruit of the Loom is one such brand that has launched a new collection exclusively for plus-size women called Fit for Me.

Plus-Size Fashion

In an interview with the Fit for Me collection ambassador Denise Caldwell, she dishes the truth about some plus-size fashion myths that have long been circulating and gives some updates on the plus-size community.

Many women like Serena Williams, Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian are often described as being in the plus-size category. So there is a bit of confusion about what size is really plus-size. In the USA, more than half the population of women wear a size 14/16. Caldwell says that while in the fashion industry plus-size begins as soon as size becomes a double number, retailers usually put size 14 as the starting size for plus-size.

On the subject of plus-size women and shapewear, Caldwell suggests that women, no matter what size they are, wear proper undergarments. Depending on your outfit, the right underwear can smooth out bulges and enhance the curves you want to enhance. So underwear should depend on your outfit, which means you can’t stick to just one style. A woman’s outfit starts with the right foundation of undergarments.

Plus-size women only need to look at top brand Fruit of the Loom, whose line Fit for Me has great options for women who wear dress size 14–32.  They have a variety of colors and styles that they can mix and match to suit any outfit. Now plus-size women can have the same sexy styles that straight size woman have, but since it is made specifically for bigger women, it will fit flatteringly on a variety of curvy shapes.

One thing that plus-size women need to be aware of is that it is still important to live a healthy lifestyle despite being curvy. They should embrace their curves and be confident, but they should also know that it’s a continual work in progress to keep yourself in the best shape.

Aside from eating healthy food and exercising, wearing the right clothes could be the key to unlocking your confidence. You might have heard that women of bigger sizes need to wear the dark colors only. That is absolutely not true because adding a pop of color can make you stand out. You can wear any color at any size because the cut and the fabric are the secret to looking good in each outfit. Wearing bright colors will make you seem youthful, happy, and vibrant.

Plus-Size Fashion

High-end fashion designers are also getting into the plus-size department. Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, DKNYC, and Adrianna Papell are among the designers who give flattering cuts to their plus-size clothing. For the lines that are easy on the budget, Talbots, Ashley Stewart, and Land’s End offer really good selections too. There are more options than just the big shapeless sacks that were the norm in the plus-size sections.

The plus-size industry is growing quickly. It’s also becoming more mainstream with Tess Holliday as one of the most recognizable plus-size models right now. Other plus size women that we should be keeping an eye on include Robyn Lawley, Clementine Desseaux, Anita Marshale, Philomena Kwao, and Denise Bidot.

The plus-size industry is like the straight-size industry. The models still need to have something unique about them. It’s more than just being pretty and having a curvy body. With the modeling world expanding to include more sizes, races, and different standards of beauty, there’s room for all sorts of models. The beauty and fashion world is a multi-billion dollar industry, so there is definitely a place for plus-size models, male and female and other unconventional types of models.

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