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Top Fashion Brands That Embraced the Plus-Size Market

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The plus-size fashion world is expanding. Since more brands want to be part of the plus-size inclusion movement, they are creating their own lines. This is great because you can walk into any department store and see the lack of options for bigger women.

Part of the problem is that many design students aren’t even taught to make plus-size clothes. The main focus for years has been straight-size clothing, so the design students do not have any interest in plus-size fashion design. The fact is, being plus-size is still looked down upon as not being as good as straight size.

There are up-and-coming designers who are ahead of the bunch by being size inclusive and focusing on plus-size. There are also more established brands that have decided to add plus-size options. This is a list of some Fashion lines labels that have are size inclusive.

1. Michael Kors

Fashion Brands

Michael Kors is well-known internationally. They have been doing plus-size clothes since 2007, and according to a rep for the brand, “Michael prides himself on being able to dress women of all shapes and sizes.” You can see the plus-size clothing options on the Web site, but they are modeled by straight-size women.

2. Rachel Pally

This 12-year-old brand is known for blending simplicity and glamour. The Rachel Pally White Label stocks sizes 14 to 22.

3. Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins has a 90-year history in fashion. This UK-based brand has a new line called DP Curve, which offers US sizes 14 to 24. The brand has a great selection, and all items are between $21 and $135 dollars.

4.  Oh La La Cheri

If you need sexy lingerie in a larger size, look no further than Oh La La Cheri. It has been around since 2006, but it wasn’t until February 2015 that they released their plus-size line. It took them a long time to release the line because they spent years doing extensive market research so now they are able to give curvy women exactly what was missing in the market.

Fashion Brands

5. Chromat

Plus-size model Denise Bidot made a splash at the opening of Chromat‘s New York Fashion Week show. They are known for their caged bras, crop tops, and bralettes. The brand’s designer, Becca McCharen, has a background in architecture, and it has translated to those designs. Chromat does not offer all their items in bigger sizes; however, they do offer custom sizing, which is great for anyone who wants a special little piece to add to their wardrobe.

6. ModCloth

The brand ModCloth has been around since 2002, and they added plus-size option in 2013. The brand refers to their line as extended sizes, which is their way of letting all shoppers shop together instead of separating the bigger sizes from straight-size clothing.

Fashion Brands

7. Jenny Packham

British designer Jenny Packham has become more popular after the Duchess of Cambridge was seen wearing many of her designs. She also made headlines when she used a plus-size model at a fashion show in April 2015. Shopping for plus-size bridal wear will not be as much of a headache now because rumors are circulating that this brand will be coming out with their own plus-size bridal designs.

8. Rent the Runway

Rentals are very normal in the world now. You can rent a car, a house, and now you can even rent clothes. Fashion rental company offers plus-size now. Their current plus-size section offers over 200 gowns from designers like Tadashi Shoji, Badgley Mischka, and Marina Rinaldi in sizes 14 to 22.

9. Kate Spade

Kate Spade barely made it to this list because the plus-size selection that they carry is not a full range of sizes. They have extended their sizes to include size 16, which is  size 1X. This brand is only for people on the smaller side of plus.

The road to getting all designers, especially the known Fashion lines houses, to embrace the curvier world of plus-size is an uphill battle. They have resisted and looked down their noses at plus-size as somehow being less desirable, but if they realized that they can grow their brand and make a lot more money from including bigger sizes, they might be more willing to churn out bigger sizes.

Their is plenty of room in the fashion industry to include plus-size Fashion lines. It is good for business, and good for shoppers to be able to go into a store or Web site and choose clothing that they like without being made to feel that choosing a bigger size is something to be embarrassed about.

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