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Struggling Mom Shares How Her Hobby of Taking Selfies Turns into a Career as a Fetish Model

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Sabien Demonia used to be struggling on benefits and then her selfies and Fetish Modeling became her money maker and confidence booster and her life took a turn for the better.

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The single mother used to have a hard time buying clothes for her children. She moved to the UK from Poland in 2010, and she worked as a waitress and in a warehouse. She started taking photos that caught the eye of fetish photographers on Facebook, which in turn landed the 27-year-old some high-profile Fetish modeling jobs on alternative magazines. She is now able to afford luxuries for her family like holidays abroad and gaming consoles.

The mom from Edinburgh has over 125,000 fans online who can buy her presents from her Amazon wish list. On a good month, Sabien can earn over $8,500 dollars. Her modeling jobs allow her to travel the world.

Fetish Model

Her children, Damian, 9; Wiktoria, 8; and Maja, 6, are proud of her achievements. So is her fiance, Pete Kawa, a transport manager.

When she started her career as a fetish model, she was a single mother-of-two. It was a tough time. She started with nothing. She went through the struggle of trying to buy clothes for her children. She was at her low, so she began posting glamorous pictures just to boost her own confidence. She didn’t want to be a tired old mom, she wanted to be glamorous.

Fetish Model

She told reporters, “Since I started modelling full time my life has completely changed for the better. I know fetish modelling is something that some people turn their noses up at, but for me, it’s been a lifeline.”

After having her children, her bust had gone from a DD cup to a G cup. Her size 12 figure made her an immediate favorite on the fetish modeling industry. To book the part, she underwent a tummy tuck. Now she looks perfect in her figure-hugging latex outfits.

Fetish Model

She explains how she got into modeling, saying, “After having Damian, I stayed at home for a year and then I had another child, and I got really unsatisfied in terms of wanting to do something other than household things and caring for the kids. I wanted to do something for myself. I started posting pictures on social media and started getting noticed by photographers. I started to really enjoy it because not only was I posing for the pictures, I was doing my makeup and making my own outfits, so it was a chance to be creative.”

She said her kids and her fiance, Pete, are amazed at what she does. They are very proud of her. They are her biggest fans, she says. Her daughters love all the dressing up and glamorous looks she gets to portray for the camera lens.

Struggling Mom

Being a public figure and on social media, she is not without her critics. There are those who say she is introducing sexuality to her children at a very early age. But Sabien feels that being open with her children is good for their development. Her response to critics is that “it’s a job like every single other one.”

She says there is nudity all over the Internet, and it doesn’t affect her kids. Knowing she is a fetish model helps them understand it in a different perspective. She feels that it will help them be more prepared for adulthood because they are aware of the challenges they will face in their lives. Her biggest hope is that her children will learn from her mistakes. She explains, “I was pregnant at 17—and I hope they will be wiser.”

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