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Iska Lawrence Shares Photo Collage Comparing Her Old, Thinner Figure to Her Now Curvy Body

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Known for promoting body positivity, plus-size model Iskra Lawrence is not shy about showing off her curves. There aren’t many models who would post a photo of themselves when they were thinner and compare it to their current curvy figure, but that’s exactly what Iskra did.


Iskra Lawrence knows she looks good, and she wants everybody to know that she is happy with her body whether she is thin or not. She posted an Instagram collage where she showed a photo of herself when she was much smaller next to her more voluptuous figure now. In her post, Iskra talked about how she had to try really hard to try to fit the industry standards of what a model should look like physically. They would over-exercise and hardly eat just to try to have the size 0 body that is so prized in models.

In her photo, Iskra is unrecognizable. Seeing how far she has come and hearing about her struggle to fit into the modeling world is helpful to those who are struggling with their body issues. Seeing how happy, confident, and bold she is now can inspire those who struggle with their self-esteem.

✨ I had almost forgotten what I used to look like when I was battling with my body and my own thoughts of self loathing. One of my dearest gfs @iammelwells sent this pic to me today of us both when we were trying to break into the modelling industry. I never knew that she was struggling with the same thoughts as me and neither did she know I was. ‍❤️‍The two young women in this photo both thought they were fat and too big. would pick themselves apart and then workout like mad at the gym or restrict what they ate because they had body dysmorphia. Some of you may look at the old me on the left and think I was slimmer and therefore healthier. No health is NOT a size it is a state of wellbeing. I did not have healthy thoughts or love myself. It took years to get to this point and there are still days were I let the dark thoughts creep in. Only yesterday I went to try some jeans on, the server said they would definitely fit (I mean they are the biggest size a 29) I couldn’t get them further than my knees. For a split second I was about to crumble because it can be anything that triggers those demons to come back. All those years I couldn’t fit into clothes or was told I was too big to ever make it as a model. But mostly the boundaries I had put on myself that my happiness would be determined by a number on the scales or that number in my jeans. Which is so F****d up because the truth is YOU get to decide your self worth no one or nothing else. You have to turn around to yourself and take control and say I am good enough, and I will be happy today and I know that I am beautiful because I am me. So please know that you are not alone, you may think you are the only one who hates what they see in the mirror but trust me a LOT of us have felt or still do feel that way. But you deserve to love yourself, it may take time but start today and never give up. ❤️ #iskralawrence #everyBODYisbeautiful thank you @iammelwells for creating your book the #TheGoddessRevolution sharing your journey and helping to heal our relationships with ourselves and food you are incredible ✨

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Body dysmorphic disorder is a mental disorder that is characterized by an obsession with one’s appearance and finding flaws that they want to take exceptional measures to hide or fix these perceived flaws.

Iska Lawrence

Look at Iskra’s body. She is curvy and fabulous, but more importantly, she is happy and content with the body that she has naturally. She is not trying to be unhealthy just to fit in with the industry standards, she is creating her own kind of beauty. Iskra Lawrence is a plus-size model who is out to change the way we view what is beautiful.

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