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Plus-Size Model Katie Green and Her Contribution to the Modeling Industry

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Plus-size models are getting more coverage than they ever have before. The modeling world has realized that full-figured women are just as in demand as the straight-size models that have dominated the magazines, ads, and catwalks of the industry for decades.

Ashley Graham is credited with breaking down barriers for the plus-size models to work in the industry, since she has achieved a certain amount of fame. There is also another model who rarely gets mentioned when they talk of the plus-size pioneers. Before Ashley Graham came onto the radar, another plus-size model was making waves of her own.

Plus-Size Model

British beauty Katie Green has been working in the modelling industry for a number of years now, despite the fact that she was rejected on a few occasions for her size and weight. A modeling agency once demanded that Katie Green lose weight, but she refused to do it because she is proud of the body she has.

Plus-Size Model

After that, Katie Green started to campaign against the size 0 favored by the modeling agencies. She fought for plus-size models to have a bigger role in the fashion world. Currently, she might not be as famous as Ashley Graham, but she has definitely been part of the plus-size revolution that has slowly been taking over ad campaigns.

Katie Green - Plus-Size Model

Katie continues to work in the modelling industry, and she is still gorgeous. While it is great to praise Ashley for all that she has achieved, let’s not forget those that have helped pave the way with their contributions to standing up to agencies in defense of ¬†full-figured women.

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