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Plus-Size Model Takes Second Place in Miss Italy Contest

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She may not have won the crown during this year’s Miss Italy contest, but Paola Torrente is still a winner.

Named as a “masterpiece of nature” by the people she inspired, the size 14 model was given an overwhelming number of positive comments over her feat. Torrente came in second place in the annual Miss Italy contest, next to this year’s queen, Rachele Risaliti. The said beauty competition was held in Angri, Salerno.

Miss Italy Second Runner Up Hits Back at Haters

Miss Italy

Although people’s opinions on her win were mostly positive, Torrente’s Miss Italy feat was bombarded by some angry online trolls. One of those was from 40-year-old Croatian model Nina Moric, who took to Instagram to say these revolting words: “You have arrived to the point where we chose a Miss Italy who is too fat—and all in the name of sensitivity and acceptance of others.” Moric even went on to complain that the runner-up title was only given to Torrente due to “political correctness.” Following this public act of body-shaming, Moric has since apologized.

But not all of Torrente’s critics are taking back their words. The mother of third runner-up Viviana Vogliacco has said that a size 14 should only join a Plus-Size Miss Italy contest, and not the more mainstream competition.

Paola Torrente

Despite all this, Torrente has remained positive and continues to be grateful for the support the those who accepted her placed upon her. In fact, she had this to say about Moric’s comments:

“She said I shouldn’t feel offended and she told me that I was beautiful. Her words calmed me down because I was really upset. I always take words like hers with a smile, saying I feel good in my body, and I love myself for what I am.”

Miss Italy organizer Patrizia Mirigliani has Torrente’s back amid all the controversy. She urges the public to stop stereotypes and calls to have more models in the industry with bodies similar to real women. It should be noted that in Italy, women are known to have curvaceous figures. One good example is legendary actress Sophia Loren, who was hailed back in the day for her enviable curves. Torrente’s case truly pushes the standards of beauty for women everywhere.

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