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Be Rich and Famous through Plus-Size Teenage Modeling

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Models start as early as the age they reach puberty including those that are interested to join plus-size teenage modeling. This field of fashion modeling has grown bigger and well-known. So teens have become more and more interested to take part in this field of modeling.

Teenage plus-size models usually range from 13 to 19. At this age range, they already stand 5’5″ to 6′ and taller. These models are usually employed for commercial, runway, and print modeling jobs. There are also companies that require taller teenage plus-size models due to the target market that they wish to reach.

Love Your Body

If you want to be lucrative and popular in the field of plus-size teenage modeling, you have to act like a supermodel. Follow the footstep of half-Puerto Rican and half-Kuwaiti Denise Bidot. The 26-year-old model wants to encourage teens to learn to accept their body. As a plus-size model, she wants to inspire girls (and boys) to love their body as it is. Her principle has launched a promising career that made her the face of several campaigns including Lane Bryant, Macy’s, Forever 21, Nordstrom, and Old Navy.

 Make Sacrifices

There are lots of sacrifices that have to be made in order to be a renowned teenage plus-size model. You have to start by choosing a modeling agency that also caters for plus-size models. If not, you can start by joining an online talent search company. Being a member of an online talent agency will get you the chance to find modeling jobs in a much easier and more convenient manner. You will be assured to get a casting call as they will match your profile with the various jobs posted each day.

 Work on Your Requirements

Right after choosing an agency or an agent to represent you during the modeling audition, you can already prepare yourself for the actual audition. You can start by readying your requirements including your portfolio, headshot, and résumé. The model cannot proceed to a modeling audition without carrying a portfolio. They are really helpful for modeling professionals and the rest of the judging panel in distinguishing what will fit you when you do the actual modeling job.

Your headshot is also very important. While there are modeling professionals that will look into your full body shots first, there are others that will focus more on how you look. This is especially true for those hiring during fashion weeks. Modeling show directors receive a lot of applications for models at this time. There are also companies that rely on headshots alone as the first basis for a hiring, without looking at your résumé and portfolio. So headshots are quite essential in modeling auditions. Invest on an experienced headshot photographer who provides with the best images.

The next thing to put an effort on is your résumé. A résumé must be detailed and updated. Limit your résumé to just one page. It must only contain previous modeling experiences. In writing or editing your work experience, you must consider the most recent modeling job that you’ve done. If you have other special skills, you can also include it. Acting, singing, dancing, and playing sports are common, so you need to be more specific.

Thinking about starting out young in the modeling business can be beneficial. Being rich and famous will prevail in the long run especially if you get serious with your teenage plus-size modeling.

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