Plus-Size Modeling Tips

Plus-Size Poses: How to Flatter Your Figure in Photos

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Every woman has taken a photo that they didn’t like. This could be for various reasons, either it makes you look extra frumpy or the angle captured is completely unflattering. In this article, you will learn a few plus-size poses that are guaranteed to make every curvy woman feel and look beautiful in shots.

Whether you are shooting for a professional ad or something as simple as vacation shots, the tips you will know that there’s no need to seek the help of Photoshop or digital altering just for your photos to look candid. Besides, who wants to appear far from their natural looks in photographs, right? All women are beautiful, and all it takes is the right angle to enhance that.

Plus-Size Poses to Showcase Your Wonderful Curves

The best thing about women with curves is that they have so much to work with. Unfortunately, most of them find it awkward to pose in photos. Check out  Ashley Graham or Iskra Lawrence, one thing that these models have in common is that they are totally comfortable and confident about their body. That should be the first and most important factor to put in mind—comfort. Try out these plus-size poses on your own to boost your body confidence until you find yourself growing more and more relaxed in front of a camera.

Plus-Size Pose # 1:  Cross Leg Pose

Cross Leg Pose

Take a cue from the best fashion bloggers in the business. One foot in front of the other creates a dainty and flattering pose. Not much instructions needed here, just make sure you don’t point your foot forward too far so the photo doesn’t look exaggerated or over the top.

Plus-Size Pose # 2: Drop the Front Shoulder and Release Arm

Plus-Size Model

Flattering plus-size poses don’t need to be complicated, so this next one requires you to simply lower your front shoulder. Avoid that dreaded double chin by elongating the neck and pulling your chin forward. It may seem a bit awkward at first, but if you work hard on this pose, you’ll perfect it in no time.

Plus-Pose #3: Leg Pop Pose

Leg Pop Pose

Feeling like a princess? Then there’s nothing more regal than a dainty leg pop pose! Besides, plus-size poses don’t always have to be formal, so you have every right to have fun in your shots. Tons of models and bloggers have tried this, and it is perfect for creating a slimmer side angle.

Plus-Size Pose # 4:  Leg Up/ Leg Out

Leg up Pose

Not only does this pose promote good posture,  it also makes the photo look balanced. There are lots of ways to recreate this look, so let your imagination go wild!

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