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Anna O’ Brien: What You Need to Know About the Gorgeous Plus-Size Blogger

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Thirty-two-year-old  Anna O’ Brien is going viral for all the right reasons. The blogger, who is known online as the lady behind Glitter + Lazers, gained a lot of attention after plus-size retailer Lane Bryant shared a photo of her on their official Instagram account. Just last month, O’ Brien also went viral after she and her best friend proved that friendship does come in all shapes and sizes. 

Anna O’ Brien Becomes Latest Lane Bryant Muse

Lane Bryant Muse, Anna O' Brien

It is no surprise that Lane Bryant would ask Anna O’ Brien for permission to use her photo. After all, she symbolizes everything Lane Bryant represents—body-positivity. When Yahoo! asked O’ Brien how she felt about the popular plus-size brand using her photo, she said,

“I was surprised and happy to see it posted on their account,” she told Yahoo! Beauty. “Body types like mine aren’t always shared as regularly as they exist in reality.”

The post has gotten a lot of positive comments from women everywhere. Many applauded O’Brien for feeling confident and beautiful in her own skin. Of course, there are the online trolls who criticize and point out her weight, with one saying, “I’m all about confidence. And I’m also a plus-size woman. But this is crazy unhealthy. Don’t act like this is normal. Because this is really, really dangerous for your body.” 

But O’ Brien has learned better than to add fuel to the fire. She ignores the comments and continues to focus on feeling good about herself while encouraging others to do the same. 

Anna O’ Brien poses with bestie to prove that friendship transcends size

Nikki Wise, Anna O' Brien

Just before she became a Lane Bryant muse, Anna O’ Brien garnered a lot of buzz online after she posed with her petite best friend for a sexy underwear shoot. Anna and Nikki Wise have been best friends for two years. Aside from their body shapes, the women also have different lives. Wise is a vegan yogi and a stay-at-home, while O’ Brien enjoys traveling the world. Despite their differences, the women prove that you can form a strong bond with anyone by overcoming adversity.

“Nikki and I are besties and we like to twin, it is just a fun thing we like do. We chose the lingerie set because we were in Vegas, and when in Vegas, you go bold,” O’ Brien told the Daily Mail about the photo shoot. “Plus it allowed us to best show the contrast between our bodies.”

You can visit Anna O’ Brien’s official blog site by clicking here.

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