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Blogger Brianna McDonnell Creates #BeInYourSkin 2018 Calendar to Celebrate Plus-Size Women Everywhere

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Pirelli has taken huge strides in revamping their iconic calendars after a public outcry for more diversity. Now the Italian company has included diverse models of all cultural backgrounds, colors, and body size. The move has earned them praise from several people. However, for one woman, this single effort was not enough to inspire the everyday woman.

Meet Brianna McDonnell, the body-positive fashion blogger that runs the website B Word. McDonnell also happens to be the mind behind the 2018 calendar #BeInYorSkin. This stunning gallery features 25 plus-size bloggers, influencers, and working women who are not afraid to showcase their curves. Aside from celebrating plus-size bodies, the calendar has the models strike editorial poses that rival that of fashion magazines like Vogue or Elle.

Plus-Size Women Take Center Stage in Brianna McDonnell’s #BeInYourSkin Calendar

Brianna McDonnell

#BeInYourSkin is a 12-month wall calendar that features a glorious image of plus-size women for each month. Here is what creator Brianna McDonnell said of the project:

“The #BEinyourskin Plus Size Editorial Wall Calendar is a celebration, it’s a daily reminder that plus size, fat, curvy, thick, chunky bodies are good bodies and can be seen in an artful, editorial, fashion way,” she told Metro UK. “My followers always love it, wanting the challenge year round and begging for some sort of merchandise.”

Calendar Photos

The calendar is a commemoration of the #BeInYourSkin 31-day body confidence challenge McDonnell runs on her blog each year. The empowering blogger hopes that their message will be powerful enough to serve as a daily reminder that plus-size, fat, and curvy women are beautiful and that they too can be regarded as fashion-forward and inspirational.

McDonnell handpicked the models herself by reaching out to women around the country. She made it her personal mission to find women who want to inspire and are ready to use a huge platform to promote body confidence and positivity for women everywhere. Being someone comfortable in front of the camera herself, McDonnell joined in the fun and struck some fierce and powerful poses for the calendar as well.

Plus-Size Calendar Photos

Needless to say, the end result was glorious. It’s worth mentioning that no photoshop or any airbrushing was used to complete  the #BeInYourSkin 2018 calendar; everyone would agree it was perfect as it was. Anyone looking for a little inspiration or maybe an eye-opener on how and why plus-size women deserve a spot in editorial fashion should definitely pick up their own copy. You can get them from McDonnell’s website right here.

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