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Dropping the Plus for Good: Kmart Officially Renames ‘Plus-Size’ to ‘Fabulously Sized’

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American women have been told over and over again that the average dress size in the country is 14. But that statement is a complete lie. A study published in the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology, and Education states that the average size for women in America is actually a size 16. Despite the facts being laid out on the table, this hasn’t stopped retailers from being blinded by what they consider as normal. This has only made the irony surrounding the term “plus-size” larger than ever.

It is understandable why most curvy women are not on board with the term “plus-size.” Australian supermodel Stefania Ferrario famously launched the movement #DropthePlus last year to ask fashion giants to drop the term for good. Although many individuals have stepped forward to support the cause, it was not enough to change how the industry perceives sizes at all. Models above size 10 to 20 are still being labeled as plus-size despite the public outcry.

But if there’s one brand that is willing to drop the plus, it is Kmart. The big box department store is one of the biggest and most recognized names in the retail industry. It currently has stores operating in 49 states, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Guam, with the last having the world’s largest Kmart brand. As part of their recent makeover campaign, the brand is looking to demolish their plus-size section in favor of becoming more inclusive for their customers.

Kmart Refers to ‘Plus-Size’ Clothing as ‘Fabulously Sized’

Kmart-Fabulously Sized

Kmart’s strong stance against unfair labels has been sitting well with social media users, with many expressing their gratitude for the brand. Kmart chief marketing and digital officer, Kelly Cook, had this to say about the drastic change:

“The average American woman is a US size 16 to 18. Often it’s hard for women to find extended sizes, and even harder when these options force women to choose from certain styles, patterns, and sizes,” Cook told TODAY Style in an e-mail. “When we reached out to our Kmart members on social media, they told us we needed to have a better assortment on extended sizing apparel and that we should we call it something different. They absolutely love this whole mantra of ‘fabulously sized.’”

Kendra Wilkinson

The Fabulously Sized section will include extended sizes from Kmart exclusive labels like Jaclyn Smith and Basic Edition. Other Kmart brands like Intimates and Attention Plus will come with a wider range of sizes up to 4X/5X. The new change will help eliminate the gutted feeling larger women have when clothes shopping. Now they can shop for the styles they want, without worrying if it is available in their size.

Kmart might not fully redefine America’s perception of what average-sized is, but it also a great step forward for the retail industry. Aside from casual and formal wear, Kmart will also remove the “plus-size” label from their undergarments and swimwear sections too.

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