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Plus-Size Magazines You Need to Get Your Hands On

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We see a lot of magazines sitting on newsstands everywhere. As you wait for your turn to pay at the counter, you’ll be greeted by a bunch of magazine with tens of leaves talking about the latest fashion trends or the hottest models walking down the most prestigious runways. But just how many of these magazines actually celebrate body diversity? In the thick pile of publications claiming to centered around what it takes to be beautiful, do you see plus-size magazines?

Yes, they exist. We rarely see one, but there are plus-size magazines out there just waiting for you to flip their pages. And these magazines have one important message to send to the world: beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Plus-Size Magazines You Need to Read

If you want to be updated with the latest news about plus-size fashion, here are the plus-size magazines you need to have on your shelf.


Plus-Size Magazines - Dare Magazine

Founded in 2013, DARE is Canada’s first-ever plus-size magazine. The publication features curvy beauties from all walks of life, from celebrities to models and bloggers, in hopes of inspiring plus-size women everywhere to be brave to show everyone what they got. By subscribing to this magazine, which is for free, by the way, you get to know the latest in fashion as well as tips from the industry experts.


Slink Magazine

Aimed at women size 14 and up, SLiNK magazine is one to watch out for. The UK-based mag is the country’s first, and since its launch in 2011, it has gone on to inspire a lot of curvy women all around the world. It was first released as an online magazine, but now SLiNK has hit the shelves of several countries.

With a tagline that reads “Styling Your Curves, Fashioning Your Life,” SLiNK aims to remind everyone that, as their editor puts it, “beauty and style doesn’t stop at size 8.”

Plus Model

PLUS Model Magazine inspires the style-savvy, fashion-forward, full-figured woman to embrace her curves”—this is how Plus Model introduces the publication in their official website’s About section. Living up to their main goal, Plus Model regularly features curvy women, complete with tips for breaking into the plus-size modeling industry.

Plus Model also shares shopping hacks for all women out there who are having a hard time finding the best clothing pieces for them. The latest stories about plus-size models and the fashion industry can also be found in their pages. So if you’re looking for that mag that has everything plus-size, Plus Model is one of your best options.

Daily Venus Diva

Plus-Size Magazines - Daily Venus Diva

The magazine for women with curves shares the latest on plus-size fashion, the hottest beauty trends, and even stories about celebrities—all to keep “plus-size women in the know on a daily basis.” Daily Venus Diva has an online counterpart, which is updated every day with what’s new in the world of fashion. Monthly, they conduct interviews and photo shoots for a new issue featuring gorgeous plus-size models and with stories that are “by, for, and about women with curves.”

Daily Venus Diva doesn’t just stop there. Their magazines are also filled with pieces of advice for those dating or are in a relationship as well as lifestyle news. Every issue from this 20-year-old magazine is a whole package of tips and news that every plus-size woman would love to hear.


Plus-Size Magazines - Skorch Magazine

Skorch is one of the plus-size magazines that are not afraid to tackle just about everything including the ongoing fight for body positivity and diversity. Skorch also makes sure to write a feature on the rising plus-size models slowly but surely making a name in the industry. One thing that sets Skorch apart from the rest is their Plus-Size Bride section, the perfect go-to for soon-to-be-wed women.

We don’t often see them on the shelves, but that does not mean they are not worth browsing through. Plus-size magazines give more than just information; for plus-size women, they’re a source of inspiration—and that alone is enough to make them worth reading.

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