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Fashion Pakistan Week: Designer Features Plus-Size Models
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Fashion Pakistan Week 2018: Designer Makes History by Hiring Plus-Size, Aged Models

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Every year, the Pakistan Fashion Council organizes a fashion show with a goal of making the rest of the world aware of what their industry has to offer. These sponsored shows always draw international attention, proving the council and the annual event’s success.

This year too, as in any other year, the pieces showcased at the Fashion Pakistan Week are gaining attention. But what makes the show especially newsworthy is how the designers tackle social issues through their work.

One good example is Cheema Chhapra.

Fashion Pakistan Week Designer Cheema Chhapra Hires Plus-Size, Aged Women to Model Her Clothes

Everybody is loving Pakistani fashion designer Cheema Chhapra’s Fashion Pakistan Week show. Here’s why.

Fashion Pakistan Week Designer Cheema Chhapra

The first day of the Fashion Pakistan Week, spectators were able to see a parade of elegant pieces, but what really caught their attention was rookie designer Cheema Chhapra’s show, not just because of the clothes she was launching, but because of the models she hired to showcase them.

In a history-making moment, Chhapra hired everyday women to model her clothes. It included plus-size and aged women, even pregnant actress Uroosa Siddiqui joined the show.

Fashion Pakistan Week

Chhapra’s decision to use these models broke a long-standing stereotype in the country that only the slim and the young can grace the runway. Before the show, Chhapra told the press that she prepared a big surprise for everyone, and she gave exactly that.

When asked about the show, Chhapra said that she does not believe in size and that for her, plus-size women are the real women of Pakistan.


In an industry where physical appearance is of utmost importance, it takes a passionate heart to break the norms. In a line of work that considers small size and tall build the norm, it takes a brave soul to walk the runway and prove that there’s more to beauty than being tall and being thin. Kudos to Cheema Chhapra and her gorgeous models!

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