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Plus-Size Modeling Agencies That Can Help You Kick-Start Your Career

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Just like any other industry, plus-size modeling is an industry so hard to break into. People might think all you need to be is that, a plus-size, but to be a plus-size model is more than the definition it’s usually given. After all, everybody is no Ashley Graham.

To succeed in the field requires you to brave the heavens, show the world that you too are beautiful, and that you can sport any clothing and convince people to shed bucks on it. It’s a cutthroat industry, that’s why most models seek the help of plus-size modeling agencies to kick-start their career.

Question is, what plus-size modeling agencies should you turn to?

Plus-Size Modeling Agencies You Should Know About

If you’re still looking for the best plus-size modeling agencies you can sign with, below is a list of the best you should consider submitting an inquiry to.

Plus-Size Model Photoshoot

1. Ford 12+

Aside from being the organizer of the world’s most presitious modeling competition, Ford Models is also known for catering to all aspiring models no matter their shape and size. Their Ford+ division is what a number of plus-size models call home. And Ford Models can be found in numerous cities including New York, Paris, Los Angeles, and Chicago, so you can trust that wherever the

2. 12+ UK

Founded in 2000, 12+ UK is the modeling agency for “curvy girls who have the edge. The agency was founded by Sarah Watkinson, a former model herself. The management remains the biggest and leading modeling agency in Europe. Constantly on the lookout for new faces, 12+ UK recognizes the demands for plus-size models and does their best to meet that.

Dorothy Combs Models

3. Dorothy Combs

Miami-based Dorothy Combs is one of the plus-size modeling agencies that are more focused on promoting models of larger proportions, the ones whom they call “true” plus-size models. Dorothy Combs also organizes plus-size model searches to give everyone a chance to get their name out there.

Wilhelmina ten20

4. Wilhelmina ten20

Wilhelmina Models is one of the top modeling agencies today, there’s no doubt about that. They represent celebrities, athletes, models, and artists; among them are Demi Lovato, Leona Lewis, Robyn Lawley, and Nick Jonas. But little do people know, this agency gives much importance to curvy models, evident in the launch of their ten20 division. The division represents some of the famous plus-size models in the industry. Based in Los Angeles, ten20’s doors are always open in case you need someone to guide you as you find new opportunities to boost your career.

5. PLUS Agency

PLUS Agency or Agence Plus is the first plus-size modeling agency in Paris. They believe there is a good reason behind the increasing demand for plus-size models, and that’s because companies know recognizing that that certain demographic exists and deserves to be paid attention is one way of getting closer to people. PLUS Agency represents size 40 men and women (12 in UK size and 8 in US) and accepts applications anytime.

To get your name out there as a plus-size model can be challenging, and finding the right modeling agency to help you with that takes a lot of courage to take risks and trust people. But to succeed, you have to be brave enough for that. Well, the key is to know the difference between an agency that genuinely wants to help you from the ones that are only good with words. We hope this list has helped you narrow down your own list to only the best.

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