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Plus-Size Model Jada Sezer Runs London Marathon in Her Underwear to Promote Body-Positivity

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Since 1981, the London Marathon Limited gathers thousands of runners to participate in the annual marathon aimed at raising money for good causes. This year, an estimated number of 40,000 runners showed up. But of these thousands of participants, a pair of runners caught the attention of many, not because of how fast they reached the finish line but for the advocacy they were trying to promote.

Plus-Size Model Jada Sezer Finishes London Marathon in Her Undies

Jada Sezer and what this plus-size beauty and her running partner, Bryony Gordon, are doing to promote body positivity.

Jada Sezer

Twenty-nine-year-old Jada Sezer first broke into the spotlight when she starred in fashion brand ASOS’s campaign way back in 2013. Ever since, the size 16 stunner has always been active as a model. And at this year’s London Marathon, the model decided to turn the event and her profession into an opportunity to prove an important important point she has always wanted to relay to the world.

On March 28, 2018, Sezer announced that she, along with her friend, journalist Bryony Gordon, would run the London Marathon in her underwear.

She shared a photo of her and Gordon, with the caption: “THE BIG REVEAL so @bryonygordon and I are going to run the @londonmarathon IN OUR UNDERWEAR ? To prove that you don’t have to be an athlete to run a marathon (though it certainly helps). To prove that a runner’s body comes in all shapes and sizes. To prove that exercise is for everyone, small, big, tall, short, size 8, size 18. To prove that if we can do it, anyone can!”

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Jada Sezer shared how, like anyone, she hasn’t always been the type to enjoy marathons. But that changed when she met Charlie Dark, the founder of a running community in London. Dark and the whole community helped her get out of her comfort zone and start running.

She said, “I never used to even run for a bus without heaving when I got there, but Charlie celebrates everyone’s running achievements no matter how big or small they are and that’s the only reason I started running.. . . It’s hard to get out of your comfort zone, especially with fitness because it can leave you feeling very vulnerable at first, which is why you should set yourself up for success by starting in spaces you feel comfortable. I felt uncomfortable running in the street because of the wolf whistles from guys over my boobs, so I tailored my workout to what I wanted. I found clothes that made me feel confident, like tight leggings that didn’t roll down and a really supportive sports bra. I wore headphones so I could listen to inspirational podcasts or good pumping music, and I went down back roads to avoid those wolf whistles.

“Your day at the gym is so much bigger than everyone else’s opinion. Do what you need to do to get you there. Maybe that large fitness class might not be as appealing to you as you and your best friend going to a smaller class that’s more niche, or one that’s outside of your local area if you don’t feel comfortable. Find that stepping stone so you feel comfortable to take that first step through the door. That’s why I’m running the marathon in my underwear, to show that it doesn’t matter. I’m a size 16, I’ve got rolls, I’ve got cellulite and I’m still running.”

Both Jada Sezer and Bryony Gordon also appeared on Good Morning, Britain, where they shared more about their fitness journey and why they decided to run in their underwear.

Gordon, a Telegraph columnist, said, “We are doing it to prove that exercise is for everyone, that you can be ‘overweight’ and healthy. [We wanted to] show, as plainly as possible, that exercise is for everyone, and all bodies look different.”

The ladies’ move was met with a lot of praise. An Instagram user commented, “Thank you for doing this and for raising awareness. It means a lot to a lot of people. Run like you stole something. Go girls!”

Another one said, “Marathon running in your underwear. Well done, ladies! As a plus-sized woman who runs and participated in a contact sport, I get it!”

The two finished the marathon successfully, which was held last Sunday, and they couldn’t help but be awash with emotion over such achievement and the support they’ve gotten throughout their journey.

Jada Sezer posted on her Instagram account, “For everyone who cheered on the street and across the world online. I am so overwhelmed & thankful. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster I will never ever EVER forget. Thanks for being apart of the ride ❤️”

Aside from promoting body positivity, Sezer and Gordon are also organizing activities to raise funds for mental health charity Heads Together.

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