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Rihanna to Launch Size-Inclusive ‘Savage x Fenty’ Lingerie Line

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After making headlines for launching a makeup line that caters to all skin tones, Rihanna is here yet again with another surprise as she announces that she will soon be introducing her own underwear line that is size inclusive.

Rihanna's New Underwear Line

Rihanna’s New Underwear Line ‘Savage x Fenty Will Be Size-Inclusive

Launched in September 2017, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty cosmetics brand was buzzed about as soon as it was launched for being inclusive, providing the right product for every skin tone and for all genders. Now the pop singer is all set to make another headline-worthy move as she reveals her new underwear line that will cater to the needs of bigger women.

On April 29, Rihanna shared a 30-second clip on Twitter, revealing, in the most attention-grabbing way, the Savage x Fenty lingerie line. The video, which she captioned “savages come in all shapes and sizes!! ya ready?” features plus-size model Audrey Ritchie. In the short introduction, Ritchie can be heard talking about her bra size and when she feels the most sexy.

As soon as the clip was up, thousands of Twitter users have expressed their happiness that finally, a brand is remembering the part of the demographic others often leave out. A lot of curvy women struggle to find the best fit for them especially when it comes to lingerie, as big-name brands only have their attention on the skinny ones. But as expected from someone who released a 40-shade foundation, Rihanna is all about heeding to the call of the less heard. And for many, that is worth celebrating.

Rihanna’s announcement of Savage x Fenty comes with the confirmation that the new underwear line will be released on May 11. Bras are expected to go from 32A to 44DDD, while underwear sizes are from XS to 3X.

Studies have it that the average American woman’s bust size has increased from 34B to 36C over the last 15 years, yet there is still a lack of brands that can provide exactly the piece of clothing women need. With the release of Savage x Fenty, we can only hope that more will follow suit so shopping will be way easier for women, as it should have been from the very beginning.

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