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People Think Met Gala 2018 Has a Body Diversity Problem

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This year’s Met Gala was a day of glitz and glamour. Well, it was only to be expected; this is Hollywood we’re talking about, after all. It has its own flaws, of course, like celebrities not sticking to the theme, but somehow, that has become a normal occurrence. But more than that, there’s something about Met Gala 2018 makes it less than enjoyable and not really worth looking back on: the lack of body diversity.

Blake Lively

Met Gala 2018 Criticized for Lack of Body Diversity

Met Gala is not the kind of event you can just show up to when you think you have a dress that fits the theme. The guest list includes only 700 people, and tickets that those off the list can buy are for $30,000. So you know, you have to be either famous or rich or both to be there.

With a guest list that is not long enough to invite the whole Hollywood bunch, people can’t expect to see all of their favorite star there; but still, everyone was hoping that maybe there is a spot on the list for a plus-size icon. But looks like this year isn’t for the curvy ones.

A plus-size personality made it, though, and it’s no other than the gorgeous Ashley Graham.

Ashley Graham Stuns at Met Gala 2018

Met Gala 2018 isn’t Graham’s first. In 2016, she had to skip the event because apparently, designers wouldn’t dress her. But the supermodel was present at last year’s gala, stealing the scene in a custom H&M gown. It was her first time to attend the Met and was delighted to be given the chance to represent the curvy women at a very prestigious event.

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham has been promoting body diversity, constinuously hoping that maybe someday, more high-fashion brands will start catering to the needs of women outside the size most people deem sexy and beautiful. But it looks like her calls didn’t reach the organizers’ ears, as just like the previous years, there weren’t enough plus-size celebrities present at the 2018 fest.

But curvy women deem Graham’s attendance still worth celebrating. The model walked the red carpet and did not disappoint.

Debuting a new short bob, Graham showed up in a bronze gown with a high slit that allowed her to flaunt her left thigh–which went viral, by the way. Social media was all over Graham’s left thigh, it became one of the highlights of the night, safe to say. Met Gala 2018 had the theme Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, so Graham chose to have chops that was Joan of Arc–inspired and a gown also influenced by the French heroine.

Ashley Graham Met Gala 2018

Ashley Graham failing to get a designer that could dress her in 2016 was enough sign that the fashion world was not yet ready for curvy women. In 2017, she made it and was happy to represent every women like her. This year, people were expecting Met Gala would up their game, but still, Graham was almost the only recognizable plus-size celebrity there. Many weren’t happy about it, but there are those who tried to remain positive.

“At least, Ashley was there,” they quipped.

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