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5 Plus-Size Blogs Every Curvy Gal Should Bookmark

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As much as we want to do things our way, sometimes, we need a little advice. We need to hear what people think or how they believe things should be done. For curvy women, shopping can be a lot harder, what with the lack of brands that actually cater to their needs. That’s why some women turn to plus-size blogs for some insights into the newest trends or some information on the best fashion brands that have pieces for plus-size women.

If you too are looking for the best sites that are for curvy women, we’re happy to list them down for you.

Plus-Size Blogs You Should Visit Right Now

From Curves on a Budget to The Curvy Chapter, here are five plus-size blogs you should visit right now.

1. PS It’s Fashion

PS It's Fashion

Run by Liz Black, a professional writer who has worked for Refinery29, Bustle, and Huffington Post, PS It’s Fashion talks about the latest events in the plus-size fashion industry, new releases from popular brands (like when Rihanna announced the size-inclusive lingerie line Savage x Fenty), and money-saving tips for plus-size beauties out there.

2. The Curvy Chapter

The Curvy Chapter

The Curvy Chapter is a fashion blog owned by blogger Saskia who hopes “for everyone to draw some inspiration out of my outfits.” Saskia shares that it took her two decades to finally be comfortable in her body and she wants others to gain the same confidence.

The Curvy Chapter has a bunch of articles on how one should dress for a certain occasion. It also shares lifestyle tips, makeup tricks, and invites other plus-size women to write about their own fashion style.

3. Curves on a Budget

plus-size blogs - Curves on a Budget

A haven filled with helpful tips, Curves on a Budget is run by Nicole Simone, a plus-size blogger who has been featured on Bustle and Good Housekeeping. The blog is all about the best deals that won’t have you sacrifice quality.

Simone is particularly into monochromes, as they’re simple and versatile. But she’s not afraid to experiment with colors and prints, and she encourages her readers to do the same.So if you’re looking for the best deals in plus-size fashion, head to Curves on a Budget.

4. And I Get Dressed

And I Get Dressed

“Style is not measured in the size of your jeans”—this is how blogger Kellie Brown defines style, and it is the exact message her site, And I Get Dressed, is trying to relay to readers.

And I Get Dressed has pieces of advice for plus-size women on just about everything, from fashion, makeup, lifestyle, shopping, to travel! Visiting the blog gives you access to tips for mixing and matching pieces and creating the best ensemble.

5. From Head to Curve

plus-size blogs - From Head to Curve

Plus-size clothing, beauty products, lifestyle—blogger Ashley Morgan leaves no stone unturned when it comes to helping plus-size women find their own style. She started the blog in March 2016 and has since helped a lot of curvy gals who’ve been having difficulties choosing which brands to trust.

From Head to Curve also has a personal touch, as Brown writes about her own struggles too and how she overcame them. In the About section of the site, Brown describes From Head to Curve as a space “created with the intent that plus size women everywhere can know they are not alone, and we too will live life to the fullest (and in style of course).”

As a plus-size woman, to deal with a society that has a different definition of beauty is an everyday struggle. But these bloggers are here to let every curvy stunner know, through their plus-size blogs, that there’s someone they can ask help from.

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