Plus-Size Modeling Tips

Getting Started: How to Become a Plus-Size Model in the Digital Era

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The world of fashion has changed a lot. While there are still those who remain blinded by the old standards of beauty that say only the skinny can be considered sexy, some of us have chosen to throw those standards away and learn to accept women and men of bigger size. Maybe now it’s even safe to say, body positivity has become a trend.

With this comes the rise in the number of brands that are size inclusive. From famous brand Eloquii that carries sizes 14 to 28 to Fame and Partners that offers customizable pieces from size 0 to 26, we can say that now brands are giving more importance to curvy men and women.

Ashley Graham

And now that more brands are welcoming the plus-size community with open arms, there is an increase in the demand for plus-size models too. But the thing is, just because you are on the curvy side does not mean you will automatically be hired. As an aspiring plus-size model, learning to utitilize your resources is a great move. It’s the digital era, there’s a lot you can do with the advancements we’re showered with.

How to Succeed as a Model in the Digital Era

Here’s how you can boost your chances of landing modeling gigs and be a successful model in the digital era.

1. Craft the perfect modeling portfolio

It all starts here. Preparing a modeling portfolio, however, is actually harder than what people make it seem. In creating a fashion portoflio, there are a lot of things to consider, including the packaging, the size, the number of photos you should add, the organization of the data in it, and how you present them.

You should bring this portfolio with you all the time so you’ll have something to show when a good opportunity comes. Another option is to share the same portfolio on the Internet. Nowadays there are online talent resources that allow you to upload it for casting directors to see. When you do, don’t forget to update your information from time to time or add more recent photos.

Using Social Media

2. Make use of social media

It’s the age of technology, take advantage of it. Casting agents aren’t always in suits roaming around caf├ęs looking for a potential model. Some of them are just sitting on a swivel chair browsing the Web and stopping when they see a photo of someone whose physical feature are exactly what their client is looking for.

If you want to land a modeling job, don’t just share photos of your food on Instagram. Post self-taken pictures or those you friend took while you were having your own mini photo shoot. Also, work on growing your social media following. It’s one of the surefire ways to get noticed by companies.

3. Build connections

Connections open doors to more opportunities. This industry is just like any business, building relationship with the right people is one of the keys to success. But of course, this also depends on the kind of personality you show them.

You might ask, how do you meet these people in the first place? Making random phone calls to them in the middle of the night is the last thing you’d want to do. Attending fashion events is your best option. If the event is for all, do not hesitate to join.

But reality is, not everyone is lucky enough to get invited to these parties. So if you can’t build connections this way, try engaging with brands online. Look up famous brands’ social media accounts, follow them, and comment on their posts. Do everything you can to make your presence known to them. You can then send them a direct message to inquire about possible opportunities.

4. Practice! Practice! Practice!

Practice is what you should be doing first and what you should be doing always. Just because you’ve been getting jobs does not mean you should not work on your skills as a model. You can take modeling classes or you can practice at home.

Sometimes, time and opportunity are two luxuries you can’t afford, so you have to look for other ways to get your name out there yourself. To become a successful model in the digital era, make sure to follow these tips and never let anything stop you from getting to where you deserve to be.

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