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CurvyCon Spreads Message About Inclusivity at NYFW 2018

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For the entirety of its almost-eight-decade run, rarely does New York Fashion Week feature full-figured models on their shows. But this 2018, the show now has spared a room for plus-size stunners to show what they’ve got.

And the famous CurvyCon isn’t the one to miss the chance to celebrate such milestone.

CurvyCon Organizes Runway Shows and Workshops at NYFW 2018

For the second time around, CurvyCon, the popular event for the plus-size studs and stunners, has come to the New York Fashion Week to celebrate inclusivity and spread body positivity. Established in 2015, CurvyCon is an annual three-day event where plus-size models, bloggers, YouTubers, influencers, and brands come “into one space, to chat curvy, shop curvy, and embrace curvy.”

theCURVYcon Powered By Dia&Co

NYFW 2018 isn’t the first fashion week CurvyCon has been invited to, but this year’s event has taken plus-size women a step closer to making the demographic even more visible and welcomed in the fashion industry.

In collaboration with clothing lines Loft and Dia&Co, both known for creating pieces for curvy women, CurvyCon organized shows which were graced by plus-size runway models. Models like Hunter McGrady, Candice Huffine, and Paloma Elesser strutted the catwalk with pride and grace. There were also events where popular personalities including Oscar-nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe and Project Runway winner Ashley Nell Tipton were invited as keynote speakers.

Also at the event was tennis player Venus Williams. Williams, who recently partnered up with Dia&Co to launch her own plus-size activewear line, EleVen, shared, “I spent a whole life moving my body. Life is about doing something positive with your body. That itself is where you get your self-esteem. . . . It’s about what you do for yourself. That’s where you get your confidence.”

CurvyCon - Venus Williams and Lizzo

When it comes to fashion, CurvyCon also upped the game. While throwback styles stole the show, modern street style also proved to be attention-grabbing.

Speaking about the event, CurvyCon co-founder CeCe Olisa highlighted the importance of integrating plus-size fashion into the mainstream.

Olisa said, “We saw a need for plus size fashion and inclusivity to be aligned with mainstream fashion. The lack of plus size fashion options doesn’t make us angry but it is a very clear call to action for the work that we do. We wanted to show that there’s an appetite for plus size fashion. There are women who are ready and willing to shop and buy at all levels, from super cheap all the way up to designer.”

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