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Must-Download Apps for Plus-Size Models

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The rise of the digital era has us staring at our phones for the most part of our every day. Decades ago, our ancestors have probably imagined such scenario—only they thought we’re on our phones to communicate with our family all the time. Turns out, we’re on different sites for a whole different reason.

But with this new era come more ways for people to have an easier and more direct access to information they used to flip through books and magazines to know. One of the good things this century of technology has brought us is the development of apps.

There are many mobile apps aimed at helping people connect with old and new friends alike, play games that build Internet friendships, or watch media that entertain us on our dayoff.

But for plus-size models, there is a lack of mobile apps that help them meet their real needs. When they shop for clothes online, the choices are close to nothing. And they find dating apps not so welcoming.

Rarely do app makers create applications for curvy men and women. But there are those who have heeded the call.

Apps for Plus-Size Models You Should Download Now

Here are apps for plus-size models especially made for curvy lasses and lads.

Plus-Size Events

Apps for Plus-Size Models - Plus-Size Events

Definitely one of the best and much-needed apps for plus-size models, Plus-Size Events keeps you in the loop with what’s hot and what’s not, what events are happening near your area, and all the latest news in the plus-size world.

Included in its long list of features is the Event Calendar, which enumerates the events, local and international, that you can attend. It even has a comprehensive description of each and directions you will find helpful should you have decided to hit it. If you are an organizer, PLus-Size Events allows you to advertise the events you are working on too.

The app also features plus-size models that continue to spread message of self-love, important figures who continue to prove that plus-size women deserve a place in the fashion industry.

Plus-Size Clothing Shopping

Plus-Size Clothing Shopping

Need help shopping for stuff? This app got your back.

Plus-Size Clothing Shopping gathers all the big-name retailer and puts them up on one easy-to-navigate app women and men can use to find pieces that are tailored for them.

The app features clothing that are sizes 12 to 32 and has clothing from retailers like Asos, boohoo, Bonprix, and Asda George.



Wooing people with the tagline “Best Dating App for Plus-Size Singles,” WooPlus is pretty straightforward when it comes to letting people know what their main goal is.

Definitely one of the must-have apps for plus-size models, WooPlus offers a fun and safe environment for plus-size men and women looking for their life partner.

“Different from other typical online dating, WooPlus is a focused community dedicated to plus size singles dating. We are committed to proving that human beings are a lot more than their size. And we do so by helping plus size singles have a shot at finding the right kind of companionship. So, all you big girls and big guys tired of rejection, WooPlus app offers you a chance to find compatible partners you can befriend, date, have long-term relationships with or even marry,” says WooPlus on their official website.

On their blog, WooPlus also shares stories of couples who met through the app. It also keeps you updated with the latest in plus-size fashion. Basically, it’s everything any curvy man and woman could ever ask for.

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