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The Best Clothing Brands for Plus-Size Women

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As much as we want to believe that the fashion world has finally embraced the fact that not women are thin and tall, the sad reality is, there is still a very visible lack of brands that refuse to extend their size range. This scarcity puts curvy women in a situation where even shopping for clothes is an everyday struggle.

Thankfully, though, there are big names in the industry that have heeded the call and are starting to launch collection after collection catered to the needs of plus-size women.

Best Clothing Brands for Plus-Size Women to Know and Shop

Here are some of the trendy clothing brands for plus-size women waiting to fill their closet.

1. Eloquii


No other online retailer specifies the sizes they offer as hard as Eloquii does. The second you enter their website, the first thing you’ll see is ELOQUII: SIZES 14–28, which only proves how committed they are to providing curvy women the options they should be seeing on all online shops.

Eloquii knows that “fashion doesn’t stop at size 12,” and it is for this reason that they continue to make clothes that are for women of all sizes. They have a wide variety of plus-size apparel ranging from party and occasion dresses to lingerie and work clothes. They have accessories too for those looking to add glitter and sparkle to their outfit.

2. Gwynnie Bee

Gwynnie Bee

Here to help women “rediscover the fun of fashion,” Gwynnie Bee is a subscription rental service that was started six years ago. Once tagged the Netflix of plus-size fashion, with a monthly subscription, Gwynnie Bee lets you know what’s in today, gives you a chance to don it, and allows you to return it the next day.

With over 150 brads and thousands of styles, Gwynnie Bee is the place to shop if you feel like your closet is getting boring. Just recently, the company announced that they are extending their size range from 10–32 to 0–32 to cater to the needs of more women.

3. Asos Curve

Clothing Brands for Plus-Size Women - Asos Curve

British company Asos has always been known as the online retailer with over 850 brands working with it. With the convenience it offers, the brand getting named as one of the best never came as a surprise. But what really makes Asos a standout is how it makes plus-size women feel that they too can be beautiful. Not long ago, the online shop introduced Asos Curve.

Definitely one of the best clothing brands for plus-size women, Asos Curve has pieces for women who are more into the edgy style or the feminine look. They have everything women who are above size 18 would need. And oh, they offer free delivery too.

4. Premme


When Premme was just launched, it was already creating buzz. And that says a lot.

On the shop’s first day, their first collection was already selling out. Not only were the clothes very affordable (with some priced at $30), they were stylish too. Curvy women who went hunger games on the opening day fell in love with the bold patterns and silhouettes that were sure to catch attention.

Even now, Premme continues to be one of the highly recommended clothing brands for plus-size women. Girls are still raving about the brand’s impressive collection. From floral bomber jackets to the elegant body suit, you name it, Premme has it.

5. ModCloth

Clothing Brands for Plus-Size Women - ModCloth

If you want to go vintage, ModCloth is the place to be. And the brand is not only offering all kinds of pieces, they see to it that they have something for women of any shape and size too because they believe that “everyone deserves to fit right in.”

Although most dresses are inspired by vintage style, there’s a modern touch to their clothes as well. On ModCloth, you will see outdoor clothes that are not only cozy, they can be your tool to make a statement too.

The fashion industry continues to grow. Although it still has a long way to go when it comes to inclusivity, the existence of these clothing brands for plus-size women proves that we’re getting closer. And maybe for now, we’ll just have to take comfort in that.

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