Plus-Size Modeling Tips

Practical Tips to Break into the Plus-Size Modeling Industry

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Being curvier and more voluptuous than the rest does not mean you cannot become a model. This has been proven by the growing popularity of plus-size models who are making bold statements across the fashion industry. They have become game changers by breaking the norms that say only women with the dress sizes of 0 to 6 are qualified to become models.

However, if you are still at a loss on how to kick start your plus-size modeling career, here are the top six tips from Gary Dakin, co-founder of JAG Models on how you can break into the plus-size modeling scene:

1.) Confidence is Key


Confidence is the ultimate key to succeed in any industry. It will give strong emphasis on your personality and will make you more distinguished compared to the competition. And, if you have a strong sense of self-worth, this will make handling rejections easier, especially that will be faced with more of it than actual jobs in the industry. If you are confident, you will be too affected by any kind of rejection.

Keep in mind that even successful plus size models still get rejected for modeling jobs they audition for. So, your confidence will help carry you through this kind of stress that you usually face in the business.

2.) Be Vigilant of Scams

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One of the most important things you should keep in mind when looking for a modeling agency to sign up with is that they do not ask money from you in advance. A legitimate agency will only start making money once their model is already earning from their modeling jobs. This will come in the form of a commission taken from the model’s talent fee.

There are several people who are posing as ‘scouts’ or agents. It is best that you educate yourself by familiarizing yourself with several legitimate modeling agencies in the industry whether locally or internationally.

3.) Do Your Homework


If you find doing homework to be taxing, then you might have to get over that attitude as soon as possible. This is because if breaking into the modeling industry is like charting into unfamiliar territory, then you have to learn about it before you dive in. You have to know what it is all about and familiarize yourself with the industry’s most prominent people and organizations. These include prominent photographers, stylists, editors and models.

Remember, agents or agencies will always appreciate any aspiring plus-size model who has made it a point to gain some knowledge about the world she wants to be involved in.

4.) Do Not Spend Professional Photos and Composite Cards

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If you are planning to splurge some cash on professional photos or on your composite cards before you have even signed up with an agency, you have rein in your horses there. You can send photos taken by amateur photographers or even by your friends or family, as long as they are well-focused, have good lighting and are high in resolution. It is even best if you will send in images of you wearing minimal or no makeup at all, as these will show them your natural looks and will give them an idea on what might or might not work with you.

Modeling agencies look at aspiring models as blank canvasses. They need to see you as you are, so they can get a vivid picture of what and how you would look like for various modeling jobs.  Believe it or not, modeling agencies have do have the ‘knack’ of determining what kind of model an applicant can become in the future.

5.) Find the Right Agency for You


There are several modeling agencies out there that now cater to aspiring plus size models. Yet the daunting task of finding the right one for you is admittedly difficult. So, familiarize yourself with all of them. Find an agency that will not only be able to represent you and your size, but will also look after your welfare.

6.) Be Realistic

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One of the things aspiring plus-size models should keep in mind is that there are always exceptions to the rule in the fashion industry. Each client has their own respective ideas of sizes and as a models, you must learn to adapt to this. So, the best way to maintain your availability for modeling jobs is to keep yourself healthy and in your best shape. At the end of the day, no matter what your size may be, you will always still be a model.

The journey to becoming a model is not a smooth one. However, there will always be advice and tips that will work as your guide. The important thing to remember though is that it takes passion and drive to make it into the business plus-size modeling.

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