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Plus-Size Lingerie Brands for Women That Are Absolute Must-Haves

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Over the years, the progress of the plus-size community has been undeniably overwhelming and impressive. In fact, a market research confirms that 57 percent of consumers now patronize products that truly showcase—and celebrate—diversity. This goes to prove that more and more people have come to love their own unique allure and physique.

Sexy has definitely no size, as famed brands continue to rally together deconstructing the standards of conventional beauty. From embellished evening gowns to beautiful corporate outfits, top brands and internationally acclaimed designers have reserved a huge spot for the plus-size community. Even high-quality lingerie marques now have pieces especially tailored for  curvy women.

Best Plus-Size Lingerie Brands for Women

Below is a list of plus-size lingerie brands for women that are helping ladies with curves bring out their naturally alluring figures.

1. Savage X Fenty

Savage X Fenty

From everyday basic to bold bras and panties, Savage X Fenty has it all. It’s the clothing line started by pop star Rihanna,. The fashion and music icon herself has always been a champion of body inclusiveness, so it didn’t come as a surprise when Fenty embarked on creating a lingerie selection for larger women. The lingerie brand celebrates women who make their own rules and fearlessly express their views, character, and style for themselves and not for anyone else.

2. Chromat Curve

Chromat Curve

In the Chromat world, everyone is welcome especially curvy women. Since 2010, Chromat has focused on empowering women of all shapes and sizes through perfectly fitting garments for every body. Plus-size lingerie has never looked as cool and stylish as ever with Chromat!

3. Eloquii


Eloquii is known as one of the staple plus-size brands that offer sophisticated clothing line. Little do people know, their plus-size lingerie line is just as stylish. The company has been every plus-size woman’s favorite, so when they launched their lingerie brand, offering robes, body suits, and bralettes for curvy ladies, it was a move celebrated by many.

4. Universal Standard

plus-size lingerie brands for women - Universal Standard

Universal Standard has won the heart of more women when they started selling plus-size lingerie. Universal Standard doesn’t offer bras and panties just yet, but they do sell a coveted line of lounge wears with a modern minimalist style.

5. Torrid

plus-size lingerie brands for women - Torrid

Why settle for style over comfort when you can have both? Definitely one of the best plus-size lingerie brands for women, Torrid is here to give you the best of both worlds. They offer stylish lacy bras and undergarments that accentuate the curves, every voluptuous lady will never have to comprise comfort just to feel beautiful.

Fashion that fits is now a reality for curvaceous ladies with these top plus-size lingerie brands promoting body inclusiveness. Of course, this is just a short list of the many brands that offer pieces for the plus-size community. There sure are several other brands out there that are ready to break fashion standards and create pieces that are not just for the small and thin. The progress this decade has seen may not be much, but it is a significant step closer to a world we’ve always wanted, a world where beauty does not stop at a certain size and everyone is tagged beautiful no matter their shape.

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