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Tips for Preparing for a Go-See: What You Need to Do to Ace Your Next Audition

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Call it whatever you want—go-see, casting, open call, or audition—it doesn’t change the fact that the entire experience could be terrifying for models, especially if you are a neophyte. The fact that you have to go against a bunch of equally gorgeous hopefuls. the stares the judges give you, and the agonizing wait for the result—all these can get too much that you just want to stop chasing the supermodel dream.

But you see, it doesn’t always have to be that hard. Go-sees, as scary as it sounds, can be easier to deal with, if you are just know how to get ready for it. And there are a lot of things you can do to be fully prepared.

6 Tips for Preparing for a Go-See

With all the equally gorgeous lads and lasses vying for the same spot, you will want to stand out. First step to making a good impression is to prepare for what lies ahead. Here are some tips for preparing for a go-see every model must know.

Preparing for a Go-See

1. Do some self-assessment

The first thing you need to do as you prepare for a go-see is to assess yourself. Modeling is not limited to only one type of job. You can be a fashion model, a glamour model, a commercial model, a runway model, a parts model, or a promotional model. And these jobs have different requirements for the people they hire.

Before you participate in a go-see, you have to know which job you want to take. You have to look into each set of requirements before you assess yourself and see if you fit. Going to a go-see for an editorial model that must at least be 5’11” tall when you only stand 5’8″ would be a total waste of time.

2. Have your lookbook ready

A lookbook is a model’s version of a portfolio. It should have everything—pictures from the photo shoots you’ve done in the past or even the shots taken from your friend’s corner studio. Creating your modeling portfolio helps clients assess your facial and physical features without having to stare directly at you.

As long as the photos highlight your best assets, that should be enough. Keep in mind that your portfolio must contain at least one full-body, one half-body, and one head-to-shoulder shot.

3. Prepare your look

One of the important tips for preparing for a go-see is to decide first what kind of makeup you should wear. Avoid looking overly glammed up and wear light makeup only. The purpose of wearing makeup on set is to conceal little blemishes without altering how you naturally look because that’s what clients want to see—your real beauty.

Also, dress appropriately. Remember that less is always more. Go simple: tank tops, jeans, and nude stilettos (leather or rubber shoes for men).

4. Figure out how you can sell yourself

As mentioned, standing out among a pool of equally deserving aspirants requires more than just having the best outfit and a perfectly made-up face. You have to sell yourself. You need to make a lasting impression, and the best way to do that is to show your positive and attractive personality. Practice how you can be more conversational, perky, likable, and appealing without appearing too scripted.

5. Be on time

Nothing angers an agent or client more than a late model. For everyone in the industry, time is money, so tardiness is intolerable. If you want to stay on top of your game, one of the most important tips for preparing for a go-see that you have to follow is to always arrive on time or at least 30 minutes before call time. If you go in late, you might lose your one-in-a-million chance of landing a modeling job.

The journey to earning a supermodel status can be hard. The competition is tough. It takes more than just physical beauty to be the next big thing. But if you work hard and make your way to stardom the best way you know, you will get there. The important thing here is, you don’t give up and you grab every chance to be better at your craft.

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