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Biggest Plus-Size Moments in 2018

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So much has happened in 2018 and no one could ever enumerate all the good stuff the year has brought. But even though some were bittersweet stories, everybody would agree that the past year was the most remarkable, fruitful, and productive year for the plus-size community. Curvy men and women from all around the world courageously—and successfully—battled through criticisms, body-shaming, and conventional beauty.

To celebrate the year that has gone, we’ve rounded up some of the most remarkable plus-size moments in 2018 that are worth looking back on.

Top 6 Remarkable Plus-Size Moments in 2018

From Rihanna’s diverse and body-positive lingerie campaign to plus-size models going viral for recreating high-end fashion brand’s ads, take a closer look at the six most memorable plus-size moments in 2018.

1. Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty lingerie line

Rihanna is not only a great singer, she knows how to make a statement too. Her Fenty Beauty makeup line drew attention for offering a wide range of foundation hues and makeup palettes, catering to different skin tones.

Rihanna's Savage x Fenty Lingerie Line

People adored Rihanna even more when she launched Savage x Fenty lingerie line. The lingerie collection features body-positive underclothes that are tailored for larger girls. The collection not only accentuates the curvaceous bodies of strong women, but it also boasts style and glam perfect for any occasion.

Savage X Fenty

It’s not every day that a world-renowned musician goes out of her way to promote body-inclusiveness. But Rihanna took on the challenge and was able to elevate the status of the plus-size community.

2. Body-inclusivity at NYFW 2018 (CurvyCon)

Since the foundation of the New York Fashion Week, rarely has the event featured full-figured models on the runway. They’re all about high-class fashion while featuring only the tall and thin. But in 2017, the fashion event started reserving a special room for plus-size stunners to show what they’ve got.

plus-size moments in 2018 - Body-Inclusivity

In 2018, the popular event for the plus-size beauties conquered the New York Fashion Week once again! They organized runway shows and workshops aimed at inspiring people and spreading body-positivity. The shows were graced by plus-size models like Hunter McGrady, Candice Huffine, and Paloma Elsesser.

It was the second time CurvyCon was invited to NYFW, but it won’t be the last, that’s for certain.

3. Plus-size models going viral and spreading word of self-love by recreating ads

Another one of the biggest plus-size moments in 2018 is plus-size models recreating famous campaigns starring thin models and personalities to spread body-positivity. These campaign recreations helped encourage people to support models of different sizes.

Here are some of them.

Diana Sirokai

Diana Sirokai has always been known for challenging model stereotype, but it wasn’t until she recreated the Gigi Hadid‘s high-fashion ad that her work became viral. With an unkempt hair, no clothes on, and only a pair of heeled boots, Diana created her own version of Gigi’s Stuart Weitzman shoe ad—and nailed it!

Diana Sirokai

Tabria Majors

Aside from Diana, Tabria Majors is a big name in the game of recreating iconic ads. She recreated the classic Victoria’s Secret ad and posted it on her social media for her followers to see and take inspiration from. The photos turned out so beautifully that they instantly went viral.

plus-size moments in 2018 - Tabria Majors

Darnel Ghramm, Rob Robinson, Eric Anderson, Miguel Rodriguez, Travis Curry, Arcadio del Valle, and Kyle Kelly

And of course, male plus-size models stepped up their game too when they recreated a famous Calvin Klein campaign starring musical group A$AP Mob. These male plus-size models believed that Calvin Klein seems to have forgotten an important group in their narrative about togetherness. So the idea of recreating the shoot came up, and the online community raved over it.

Plus-Size Models Recreate Calvin Klein Ad

4. Figleaves’ and L’Oreal’s diverse campaign ad

Figleaves is a giant in the lingerie and swimwear market. Understandably, nobody thought that a company as huge as them would embark on promoting diversity. But to everyone’s surprise, Figleaves became one of the first brands to launch an ad that featured a diverse roster of models.

Figleaves is “obsessed with creating designs that fit perfectly.” And so to put their words into action, they created pieces that are tailored for women of all ages, skin color, shapes, and sizes.

plus-size moments in 2018 - Models Body Diversity

Figleaves wasn’t the only famous brand that celebrated diversity in fashion in 2018. L’Oreal, undoubtedly a big name, surprisingly did too.

On their recent hair campaign ad, L’Oreal Paris included models with different stories to tell, including plus-size model Felicity Howard. From hair products to makeup collection, L’Oreal is all about diversity and it’s absolutely beautiful and inspiring.

Felicity Howard

5. ASOS’s swimwear ad featuring a curvy model

Also one of the most amazing plus-size moments in 2018 is when ASOS, a famous online fashion and cosmetic retailer, featured a black plus-size model in their latest swimwear campaign.

plus-size moments in 2018 - Asos Vivian Eyo Ephraim

For plus-size women, finding a bikini that perfectly fits has always been a challenge—until ASOS released their swimwear collection. In 2018, the retail giant unveiled their swimwear line featuring London plus-size model Vivian Eyo-Ephraim. The campaign was met with overwhelmingly positive reaction.

Now that the company opened its door for the plus-size community, larger women can trust that they’ll have a go-to brand for their swimwear or fashion needs.

6. Plus-size male models Arcadio del Valle, Zach Miko, and Trey Campbell conquering runways and magazine spreads

Plus-size modeling, in all its stereotype-breaking and game-changing glory, has a long-standing issue too that is yet to be addressed: the lack of male representation. Thankfully, in 2018, there have been a lot of plus-size male models who were able to walk down fashion week runways and booked editorial jobs.

Leading the pack were Zach Miko, Trey Campbell, and Arcadio del Valle. Zach Miko became the first male plus-size model to sign with a major modeling agency. Trey Campbell walked down the Men’s Fashion Week runway, while Arcadio del Valle continues to help men embrace their body one modeling gig at a time.

With the help of these men, more plus-size men are finding their voice in the fashion industry.

plus-size moments in 2018 - Trey Campbell

We still have a long way to go, that is for sure. Sure, 2018 was a year filled with positive and inspiring stories, but there’s still a lot to be done. Hopefully, this 2019, more of these stories will get told until the world becomes fully open to giving plus-size models the same amount of opportunities they are showering thin models with.

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