Plus-Size Modeling Tips

Audition Tips for Plus-Size Models

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Now that curves are in, your dream of becoming a plus-size model is now closer than ever—the closest it has been to coming true for other plus-size ladies since the 60s. Is this your first audition as a plus-size model? Your tenth? Here are useful tips for you that will never go wrong.

How You Can Prepare for Auditions as a Plus-Size Model

How You Can Prepare for Auditions as a Plus-Size Model

1. Sleep well the night before.

We all know concealers usually do the trick, but give yourself a favor and a good night’s sleep when finally jump-starting your career. This will ensure you look vibrant, focused, and prepared for the big day.

2. Prepare your hair.

Has your hair been craving the treatment it deserves? If you hair needs some work, head to the salon for some deep conditioning. Do not style it too much in the morning of the auditions. Instead, keeping it simple like tying it into a messy bun or a ponytail or giving it a slight wave will do. If your face shape looks best with it straight, then simply keep it straight.

3. Don’t forget your nails.

No casting panel wants to see a beautiful face with hideous nails. Your nails may not be the center of attention when you audition, but keeping them clean and neatly trimmed is important. You’ll only realize this if you’ve tried auditioning with dirty nails on. If you wish to put on some nail polish, go for neutral colors like beige or rose. Steer clear from nail art or glittery polish for now as this will be distracting. And by nails, we mean all nails—toe nails included!

4. Don’t overdo your makeup.

Remember to look like yourself so casting agents can see your genuine beauty. Instead of looking like you’re about to give them a makeup tutorial, use just enough makeup to accentuate your best features. Let your eyes take the stage without using dramatic falsies or bold eyeshadows. The key is to look subtle yet stunning.

Look Like Yourself so Casting Agents can See Your Genuine Beauty

5. Flaunt your curves.

Now for perhaps your favorite part: your clothes. Pick the most decent and most flattering outfit in your arsenal. However, stick with basics; you want the attention to be on your face, your body, and your personality, not on your outfit. Do not let a plunging neckline overpower your total package.

6. Practice.

Know your best angles, your best smile, and your best curves. What could be the best normal pose to do in front of the panel? Tell yourself in the mirror why you want to pursue modeling and why you think you deserve this gig.

Now go out there and work it! Good luck!

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