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Guide to Dressing for Your Body Type

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Curvy ladies know how hard it is to find the perfect fit, and, most of the time, they end up trying on clothes not meant for their body type. Many compromise style for comfort, thinking it’s impossible to get the best of both worlds. But this list of tips for dressing for your body type will tell you otherwise!

A Plus-Size Woman’s Guide to Dressing for Your Body Type

Just because you have the extra layers of beauty doesn’t mean the rules of fashion do not apply to you, although it’s true, dressing a curvy woman’s body type—pear, apple, busty, hourglass, rectangle, and carrot— takes on a moderately different approach. Worry not, though. This style guide is sure to help you pick the best dress for your next date night.

Plus-Size Woman's Guide to Dressing

1. Pear

Your booty is your biggest and best asset, so don’t be afraid to flaunt that! What you have to do is work on maximizing the less prominent part— your upper body. In this case, boxy crop tops paired with high-waist jeans will enhance the appearance of your bust and emphasize your curvy lower body.

If you’re looking for something a bit formal, a body-fit top paired with a skater skirt will be an elegant look.

2. Apple

Just like what the name of this body type suggests, the most prominent feature of an Apple-shaped curvy lady is in the middle, while her other parts remain slimmer. And so for your top, always go for tunics. Its style creates a sophisticated look that makes your middle body part appear symmetrical. A pair of leggings will complement the tunic top just fine.

To achieve a more elegant look, let short sheath dresses do the magic. It proportions the middle while emphasizing your sexy legs.

3. Busty

V-neck tops are every busty girl’s go-to clothing, if they want to go casual. Depending on how low the cut is, you can either go for daring or demure. If you wish to do the latter, a small-cut V top is a charmer. It makes your top appear small and elongates your neck at the same time.

For dresses, a V-line is still recommended. Just be sure that its waist area is cinched and fitted so it accentuates your upper body. And if a V-line is too relaxed and ordinary for you, turtle-necked tops and dresses are good alternatives.

4. Hourglass

A large bust, an apple bottom, and a slim waist is what characterizes an hourglass body type. And for this, peplum tops will definitely look sexy! Its fitted top and flare from the waistline down will gorgeously emphasize the epic proportions between your slim waist and hips.

If it’s a dress you wish to wear, a bodycon is sure to wow everyone in the room. It cinches your waist and hugs your figure in all the right parts. Minimally designed bodycons are suitable for executive gatherings, but if it’s a night-out dress you want, you can opt for the sequined ones.

5. Rectangle

Now don’t be frustrated if you don’t have a bustier upper body or fuller hips, there’s definitely a way to play up your rectangular body shape. What you must do is to create dimensions for your body.

Wearing patterned clothing and clever accessories is one of the best tips for dressing for your body type. They make for a dynamic look that draws attention to the details and not on your figure. You can also be creative with what you wear through color-blocking, which adds more dimension to your body.

6. Carrot

Carrot-shaped body figure is basically a newly coined phrase. Nevertheless, finding a perfect style for this body shape, which is characterized by broader shoulders and slimmer legs, is super easy!

Skater skirts will look good on you if you have a carrot-shaped figure. Its flared hemline instantly gives volume to your slimmer lower body, creating a symmetric proportion from head to toe. But if you’re not really a fan of skirts, a pair of jeans paired with a bomber jacket will do. The bomber accentuates your upper body, while the raglan sleeves downplay the spread of your shoulders. And for an edgier look, a sleeved, flare dress will do the trick.

Embracing your body type is the first step to getting rid of your shopping dilemmas. If you know your shape, you will know where to find the perfect clothes for you. You may not fall into the slim and thin category, always remember that you are beautiful regardless.

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