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Makeup Tips for the Curvy Queens

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Have you ever wanted to try out a makeup look but decided not to, for fear of not pulling it off all because of your size? The photo or video you’ve seen most likely featured a pretty skinny girl, and the insecurity might eventually eat you up. It’s so easy to beat ourselves up over not looking like the girls we admire, but it is such an unrealistic expectation to have for ourselves. Instead of forcing ourselves to fit into our society’s arbitrary confines of beauty standards, let’s set our minds to loving who we are. Plus-size women from all over the world have started the body positivity movement for this generation and have been serving us gorgeous makeup looks to inspire us all. Catch up on their shine and slay by following these makeup tips!

Makeup Tips for Plus-Size Ladies

In line with our love for your curves, we will not be aiming for a slimmer face here. Several articles and websites claim to be “pro-plus-sized women,” only to further instill insecurities in their readers. Instead, these tips will show you how to flaunt your best features!

1. Base

The number one rule in picking the right foundation is knowing your skin type. Is your skin oily? Dry? Acne prone? Sensitive? A combination type? Getting to know your skin is the key to an application that will last you through the day. Pick a matte-finish foundation if you’re oily, a moisturizing foundation if you’re dry, those with salicylic acid if you’re acne prone, gentle ones if you’re sensitive, and oil-free, hydrating ones if you have combination-type skin.

Makeup Tips - Base

Picking the right shade also can be tricky at first. Does your skin tone have a pink undertone? Is it yellow? Brands have now released a wide range of shades for you to choose from, so you better swatch them on your wrist at the store first before buying one.

Apply concealer below your eyes to brighten up your face. This rids your face of the dark circles that stress has cursed you with. Finish with a setting powder or mattifying powder, whichever your skin needs.

2. Contour, blush, and highlight

Suck in your cheeks and make a fish face to find the hollows of your face, and apply with a brush from there. Next, brush from your hairline in the hollow about 2 inches, and stop about where your jaw hinges. It’s important to not take the powder too far. Blend the powder into your hairline, applying darker the closer you get to your hairline. Apply lightly to your temples and along your jawline, where you would naturally have shadows.

Contour Blush and Highlight

Let your lovely chubby face blush if you wish. Peaches and pinks in blusher tones are the best to use, and when applying strokes on the cheekbones, the blusher should go from the cheekbones to the temple in brisk touches.

Lastly, consider your skin tone again when choosing your highlighter. Those with paler complexions should opt for sheer, champagne hues, while richer gold and rose gold are choice for darker skin. Stipple on the spots where light naturally hits your face. Start on your brow bone, above the middle of your brow, on the inner corner of your eyes, then work out and down around your temple and across the top of your cheekbone in a C shape. Dab a tiny amount down the bridge of your nose and finish with a dot on the cupid’s bow, just above the center of your top lip. Blend thoroughly, until the product is worked seamlessly into your skin.

These techniques give your face depth and shape under different lighting conditions. If you love your cheekbones, go ahead and show them off.

3. Eyebrows

Makeup Tips - Eyebrows

Before you darken your eyebrows, use tweezers to shape them well, get a professional thread away the extra hairs. When they’re ready, fill them in! Eyebrows should be dark or darkened as sparse or light eyebrows can age you. We highly recommend brow pomades for that clean, defined arch. To clean up and brighten your lids, use concealer when you’re done with the pomade to achieve the perfect shape.

4. Eyes

Let your eyes give you attitude. Emphasize them! Pull out the eye shadows, eyeliners, lash curlers, and mascara. If you want to put on wings, go fly! In choosing eye makeup, keeping your skin type in mind—again—is important. If you have oily skin, go for the waterproof, smudge-proof, bleed-proof products. Experiment and practice whenever you can in order to perfect eye shadow color combinations and determine which look best suits you.


Important: Always remember to curl your lashes before putting on mascara. We don’t want your curler to accidentally rip all your precious lashes off, do we? Aside from that possibility, the curler will stick to your coated lashes and might mess the mascara up.

5. Lip color

If your lips are dry, put on some petroleum jelly or lip balm first. And finally, depending on your mood or the occasion, finish the look with which you believe is the appropriate product for the day. Bold colors for parties, tints/stains for a natural, blushing look, nudes for a classy getup, gloss for a girls’ day out—you choose. But more than anything, know your colors! Choose lip shades that will flatter your skin and suit the overall makeup look you’re going for.

Lip Color

Now go out there and slay, queen!

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