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Online Shopping Tips for Every Curvy Shopper

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Mall shopping has always been a challenge for curvy ladies and gents. We want to shop till we drop, but there’s little to not a single store that caters to our size. Rarely do we come across sections that offer trendy and chic outfit like they do for the slim and thin. This is why most of us turn to online shopping.

Shopping online, however, can be a tricky task too. Like everybody else, you’ve probably made some trial-and-error purchases until you found the best brand that offers clothes in a wide range of sizes, because you can’t exactly do some fitting over the web, can you? But that, too, can be costly. Trying everything out until you find the best isn’t exactly a practical move.

If you are one of those who are facing some dilemma when it comes to shopping over the Intenet, here are some online shopping tips for curvy shoppers you can use as guide.

Online Shopping Tips for Curvy Shoppers

1. List your favorite brands.

Before you place your next online order, list all of your favorite plus-size shopping brands first to narrow down the search. Your knowledge about the brand’s sizing scheme will help you make a better choice.

List Your Favorite Brands

2. Understand the size chart.

Always pay attention to every brand’s size guide since it usually differs from other brands. You might end up buying same-sized clothes from two online sites only to find out upon receiving the items that the other one doesn’t fit. And as you may have observed, size charts can be confusing, so it pays to learn where you stand on international size conversion charts. Familiarize the basic measurement charts such as the UK, EU, and the US size chart. So in case the site only shows a particular measurement, you know which one to choose.

Size Chart

3. Know your body type

You are tempted to buy all the clothes online just because they look good on the model. Well, that’s how businesses market their brands and get you to buy. Before you do that, though, remember this must-follow rule: Always dress according to your body type. That’s how you make sure you will pull off the attire you’re buying.

Online Shopping Tips for Curvy Shoppers - Body Type

4. Read customer reviews

One of the most useful online shopping tips for curvy shoppers is to read the site reviews before making any purchase. You’ll definitely get insights into how the online shop treats their customers, how they handle the orders, and the quality of the products they sell; trust that this will save you a lot of hassle in the end. Also, be sure to focus on the responses of those whose body measurements, height, and type are similar or close to yours.

Customer Reviews

5. Leave your reviews

Once you’ve completed your purchases, you owe it to other curvy shoppers to give your feedback so they can make better and informed purchases. It is also through customers’ reviews that retailers can critically assess and enhance their businesses. It does not matter if you’ve had a wonderful or disastrous experience, don’t hesitate to leave your most honest opinion about your shopping experience.

Leave Reviews

6. Always choose quality

It is understandable that shoppers want to save, but buying five ill-fitted items that will only last a wash is not the right way to save. Sacrifice to spend a little extra on quality garments that guarantee longer shelf-life. In the long run, you’ll be saving a lot more.

Online Shopping Tips for Curvy Shoppers - Choose Quality

7. Ask for assistance

Do not hesitate to click on the live chat, send an email, or make a call to talk to their customer support if you have any clarifications. Any company that prioritizes their customers are more than happy to serve you and answer your queries. One of the most essential online shopping tips for curvy shoppers is to never be afraid to ask.

Online Shopping Tips for Curvy Shoppers - Ask for Assistance

8. Take time to browse

Nothing ever good comes out of rushing tasks, especially when you are shopping. Do not feel pressured when you haven’t bought anything yet even after an hour of browsing through lists of items. What’s important is you’re paying only for the best from your most-trusted plus-size brands.

Take Time to Browse

9. Review your order

If you have already made up your mind and just one click away from checking the item out, be sure to review your order. You should always check the quantity of the clothes you are ordering. Most shoppers overlook that they have ordered the same items twice. Other than that, check the shipping details if you did not forget any small but important details, such as apartment number, street name, or landmark.

Online Shopping Tips for Curvy Shoppers - Order Review

10. Check the return policy

It’s really hard to attest to an apparel’s good quality if you haven’t seen it with your own eyes. Most of the time, what arrives at your doorstep does not seem to resemble what you saw online. In some cases, clothes have sewing defects, or garments have the wrong size.

What do you do in situations like this? Return the item.

This is why one of the most important online shopping tips for curvy shoppers is to familiarize the company’s return policy before ordering. Check your options and any surcharge fees for returning an item.

Online Shopping Tips for Curvy Shoppers - Return Policy

Now that you are well aware of the tips, be sure to use them the next time you do some online shopping. And if you are finding it hard to find the best online shop for plus-size ladies, you can start with 11 Honoré, an online retailer of high-fashion wardrobes designed by premiere couturier from all over the world.

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