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Fashion Nova Gains Fans’ Praise for Unedited Photos of Plus-Size Models

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It’s hard to find a brand that truly represents plus-size women. If you do, their curvy models look flawless in pictures. You’ll wonder why they don’t have cellulite, thigh creases, and stretch marks just like you do. Well, those women are gorgeous still, but the photo editing is just way over the top that it takes away the essence of representing a certain demographic.

Plus-size ladies don’t think concealing blemishes is necessary for marketing; if anything, they’d rather patronize brands that show what women look like in reality. Fashion Nova did just that, earning respect from fashion fans.

Fashion Nova model

Unedited Photos of Fashion Nova Models Receive Praise from Curvy Fans

Most brands filter what their models share on their personal social media accounts. Of course, they want their models to look perfect while sporting their clothes. But Fashion Nova clearly doesn’t have such rule. In fact, they encourage models and customers to upload raw photos to give other women a confidence boost.

Curvy model Venezia Cruz regularly uploads photos on Instagram wearing Fashion Nova Curve’s lingerie. Fans have commented Venezia still looks beautiful and sexy even with the stretch marks on her legs. Some say that curvy beauties like her should be the new norm.

Venezia Cruz

Just like Venezia, Natalia Lorenzo draws herself in both the fashion industry and body-positive movements. The model shares images of herself donning Curve’s two-piece swimwear and the cellulite all over her thighs too!

The unedited photos of Fashion Nova influencers, including Venezia and Natalie and a whole lot of other gorgeous models, wowed their fans. One girl wrote in one of their photos, “You help me to have confidence in my shape & love my curves the way they are.”

As Fashion Nova continues to promote real beauty, a lot of fans praised the brand. It even converted thousands of haters into promoters with their very affordable, size-inclusive, and chic apparels, which cost between $20 and $50 only. For these reasons, Fashion Nova shot to fame and became 2018’s most sought-after clothing label, beating top clothing lines like Louis Vuitton, Versace, and Givenchy.

Unedited Photos - Fashion Nova Shot to Fame

Since it launched its official website in 2013, the brand already gained over one million reviews and there’s not a single negative comment. The brand’s Curve lingerie line offers a wide collection of bikinis that fit up to 3XL sizes. Jeans, tops, jackets, and special occasion dresses that are fitted for plus-size ladies are also available on their website.

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