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Creating the Perfect Lookbook: A Plus-Size Model’s Guide to Becoming More Visible

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The plus-size fashion industry is making a progress by the minute. Tons of curvy gents and ladies are vying to play a part in. Don’t worry, though! There are secrets to getting noticed by casting directors amid the tough competition, and one way to stand out is to present a killer lookbook.

But how do you create one?

Tips for Creating the Perfect Lookbook for Plus-Size Models

In the modeling world, image is everything. That’s why preparing for auditions is a must so you don’t end up doing something that can hurt your chance of getting booked. Bringing your lookbook is also equally important, as this helps them better assess your knack for modeling. For that reason, you should hand in a portfolio that’s going to wow them from start to finish.

To help you with that, here are some pro tips for creating the perfect lookbook.

1. Create an outline.

Creating the perfect lookbook without conceptualizing its overall layout is like taking the long way round the problem. You’ll find it hard to figure out where to start and what photos and themes to use. Be productive and efficient in creating the perfect lookbook by creating an outline beforehand. This way, you will have a guide, and it will be easier to spot any problems or determine if there’s something missing.

Create an Outline

2. Keep it simple.

Lookbooks are meant to highlight you—your body and beauty, your facial expression, and the poses you strike. You are the star in there, so you must make sure that the spotlight focuses on you. To do that, keep the design of your lookbook simple by using minimal layouts and monochromatic color hues. Avoid using dynamic backgrounds, as this will only overpower the main subject, which is you. Also, be sure to use a consistent layout throughout.

3. Use the best photos.

One of the most important tips for creating the perfect lookbook is to use the best photos where you don clothes, makeup, or accessories from top designer brands, not necessarily the pictures you look the most beautiful in. Remember, experience with brands is always an edge. If there isn’t any, choose prints that you like, and have your colleagues check them too.

4. Ease on the editing.

Remember this: you are beautiful, and nothing will make you any less than that. Therefore, go easy on the editing; don’t try to hide what you think is flawed. Embrace yourself, because that’s your identity.

5. Arrange your shots strategically.

The first and last images always leave the greatest impressions; hence, you must make sure to start strong and finish strong by using your best photos. To guide you, just think of an hourglass shape: start with an appealing cover, slowly transition to use weaker photos, then switch back to better photos.

6. Don’t hesitate to spend.

If you want to create the perfect lookbook, it’s important not to be skimp. Hire a good photographer, spend on a skillful makeup artist, and pay for a graphic artist. They’re not going to be cheap, so be willing to splurge some extra bucks.

Creating the Perfect Lookbook - Spend

7. Go online.

Lookbooks are marketing tools, and there’s not a better way to boost your presence than going online. Plus-size models have gone digital, so you might want to try it yourself, too. Also, check out some of the famous curve brands’ digital lookbooks, such as Eloquii, to get fresh ideas and inspiration. Just a heads up, though, getting your own domain is an added expense.

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