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Plus-Size Store Guide for Curvy Lasses and Lads

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To be fashionable seems nothing but a dream for plus-size ladies and gents who wish to wear trendy couture but couldn’t find the perfect fit, what with the lack of brands that cater to people above the “sexy size.” But if there’s anything about the fashion industry that we can be thankful for, it’s that over the years, it is slowly becoming more diverse and inclusive, ditching its standard of beauty that is, in one way or another, marginalizing a certain demographic.

Fast-forward to 2019, there are now a bunch of plus-size stores curvy women and men can go to when they need to restock their wardrobe.

10 Plus-Size Stores Every Curvy Lass and Lad Must Check Out

To help you with your shopping spree, here’s a list of plus-size stores you can check out when you hit the mall or go online shopping.

1. River Island

From shoes, boots, and stilettos to stylish dresses, River Island has all the women’s and men’s clothing you’ll need. Now offering pieces from sizes 18 to 28, you can shop for head-to-toe wardrobes that are perfect for parties and gala, even comfy pajamas and camisoles ideal for lousy nights.

River Island


ASOS is an expert when it comes to creating fine clothing, that’s why it’s one of the plus-size stores curvy ladies and gents turn to for fashion finds up to size 30. Founded more than 18 years ago, the brand tops the list of most-loved fashion marques for presenting body-positive ideals.


3. Eloquii

This list would be incomplete without Eloquii, the latest e-commerce shop for plus-size beauties. The brand provides luxury couture, which fits ladies’ sizes 14 up to 28, at a very affordable price. For a hundred-dollar budget, you can already buy an elegant v-line dress, or two sets of work pants.

Plus-Size Stores - Eloquii

4. Boohoo

If it’s basic wardrobes you are after—like tank tops, leggings, and shirts—Boohoo is your go-to brand. In 2014, the company launched Boohoo PLUS, which caters to plus-size men and women up to size 24.


5. Good American

One of the famous Kardashian sisters, Khloe, used to have a hard time finding a pair of denim jeans that fit her body. Well aware of the struggle, she co-founded Good America. In addition to the body-hugging jeans, the company offers bodysuits, sweaters, activewear, and dresses that contour the waistline.

Plus-Size Stores - Good American

6. Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue is one of the most influential—and the oldest—luxury stores in the United States, offering all-around house goods, appliances, and clothing. Not only that, the store’s home to sought-after collection of established all-size-inclusive brands such as Moncier, Derek Lam, and Joan Vass.

Saks Fifth Avenue

7. Torrid

Torrid is a safe haven for every girl, especially for curvy women up to size 30. Whatever it is that you want, Torrid will back you up with their fine outfits that don’t necessarily come with hefty price tags. In fact, you can already own a decent shirt paired with lacy trousers for $25 only.

Plus-Size Stores - Torrid

8. Nordstrom Inc.

Established in 1901, US-based store Nordstrom is also a classic favorite. It offers a vast selection of pieces that fit ladies up to size 24. They also sell lovely ready-to-wear gowns made by famous plus-size designers including Christian Siriano.

Nordstrom Inc.

9. Universal Standard

Founders of Universal Standard are committed to producing apparels without compromising the design, fit, and quality, because that’s what plus-size ladies deserve. Women, up to size 40, can now wear premium clothing made out of Peruvian cotton, French satin-back crepe, and Italian Merino wool for a price that won’t have you paying through nose.

Universal Standard

10. Loft

Plus-size men and women deserve fashionable outfits, even at work—and Loft sure knows that! The brand offers office attire that will make you look as classy and refined as you can be.

Plus-Size Stores - Loft

And just so you know, these plus-size stores sell their perfect-fit couture online and ship them worldwide! So gone are the days when you have to spend hours looking for someplace that knows your size and understands your needs. Just go out there and shop till you drop.

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