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The Fresh Faces of Fashion: Plus-Size Models to Watch in 2019

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After the big leaps the curvy community has taken in the previous years, there’s definitely no turning back. For the years to come, it will just get better and better. We’re claiming it—2019 is going to be plus-size fashion’s biggest year!

What’s there to expect, you may ask. Well, for one, the fashion industry will be endowed with more plus-size beauties. New faces to grace the runway and more gorgeous ladies to prove to the world that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Up-and-Coming Plus-Size Models to Watch in 2019

Ashley Graham, Tara Lyn, Robyn Lawley, Sophie Dahl, and Tess Holiday are just a few of the household names in plus-size fashion. But this year, they’re not the only one worthy of attention! Here are ten plus-size models to watch in 2019.

1. Alessandra Garcia Lorido

Plus-Size Models to Watch in 2019

First on the list of plus-size models to watch in 2019 is Alessandra Garcia Lorido, 28-year-old plus-size beauty from Los Angeles, California. Although she’s the daughter of American-Cuban actor Andy Garcia, it is not her father’s fame that shot Alessandra to stardom. The young model is gaining attention for her natural beauty, good personality, and perfect curves.

2. Tinder Badhesha

Tinder Badhesha

International curve model Tinder Badhesha is already a crowd favorite because of her exquisite looks that could stun everyone in the room. This East Indian–American plus-size model has been featured in many fashion blogs, magazines, and even in USA Today. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a surprise if we see this gorgeous Punjabi girl walking alongside Ashley Graham at this year’s biggest fashion shows.

3. Jessica Milagros

Plus-Size Models to Watch in 2019

She isn’t just a model; Jessica Milagros is also a life mentor, a photographer, and a mom. She’s basically a Jane of all trades! Jessica has been an advocate of plus-size fitness for many years now, no wonder she’s a champion for many curvy ladies worldwide.

4. Max D.

Max D.

One of the crushes of plus-size fans is Max, an international plus-size fit model under Bicoastal Management. The blue-eyed model is fashion savvy, who can take equally stunning photos as much as she poses for the camera. At the same time, Max is a happy wife and a proud mom to her beautiful kids.

5. Tayler Smith

Plus-Size Models to Watch in 2019

You’ll love her for the peach-pink locks she sports, plus her beautiful face. Besides being a model, Taylor is a photographer based in the buzzing city of New York. She has already worked with famous brands as well, such as Chromat, Samsung Mobile, and Olay.

6. Solange Van Doorn

Solange Van Doorn

Solange Van Doorn is a Dutch fashion model who’s currently under contract with IMG Models, a talent acquisition agency. She believes that every body is beautiful, including her perfect curves! Because of her alluring smile, stunning blue-grey eyes, and passion for modeling, Solange has made a name for herself. She has already worked with mega brands like Calvin Klein and Nike. At 18, she had even walked the runway at New York Fashion Week Winter/Fall 2018.

7. Staci Pratt

Plus-Size Models to Watch in 2019

Staci Pratt has been around the entertainment industry as an actress for a long while now. Currently, she’s now based in Los Angeles, California, juggling her work as a plus-size model and as an actress. You might have seen Staci in recent print commercials for JC Penney and Lee Jeans.

8. Jazmine Carthon

Jazmine Carthon

You probably know Jazmine Carthon from Project Runway, where she was named the model winner for cycle 16. That was also the turning point of her career after she quit her day job and decided to focus on what she loves the most—fashion modeling. Now Jazmine’s working with IPM Models in New York City.

9. Alexis Henry

Plus-Size Models to Watch in 2019

Alexis Henry is definitely one of the plus-size models to watch in 2019! This Irish-African descent has worked with today’s fashion-forward curve brands such as Rebdolls, Ashley Stewart, and Fashion Nova, among others. Additionally, Alexis has graced NYFW’s Fall 2017, where she sported Brian Wood’s street couture designs.

10. Dani Candray

Plus-Size Models to Watch in 2019

Since she was 2 years old, Dani Candray has been suffering from Alopecia, a condition characterized by loss of hair from some parts of the body. In spite of that, Dani walks various fashion runways with pride and confidence—and that’s why she’s adored by millions of girls from all around the world.

Beauty comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes, and these ten gorgeous plus-size girls are a testament to that!

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