Plus-Size Modeling Tips

The Secrets to Building an Employer-Friendly Social Media Presence

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You are a modeling prowess. Surely, agents will come looking for you as soon as they discover your natural talent in modeling. But the thing is, getting booked is not as easy as it looks. Just because you have the face and the pose doesn’t mean you can have the job. It’s a competitive world out there, which makes securing the spotlight difficult. Even worse, the social media fan base is becoming a top requirement to land more jobs nowadays. 

Most times, ads pop up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites, offering jobs to plus-size influencers with at least a 10,000-follower fandom. This should make you realize that being a skillful model isn’t all that matters. On top of that, you also need to be tech smart and social media savvy if you want a successful career in an era that is dominated by the Internet. 

Your presence must extend to online platforms by gaining more reach, likes, comments, and shares. But how exactly can you build an employer-friendly social media presence?

Employer-Friendly Social Media Presence: Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Chances of Getting Hired Online

In 2018 alone, data shows there are already 3.397 billion of active social media users. To business brands, they make up a larger market compared to those who use the standard modes of entertainment (e.g., television, radio, print ad, etc.). This is why industries have employed social media platforms in their venture. It’s also a more economical option, which means it isn’t just effective but is also a cost-efficient marketing and sales scheme. 

If you know how to play the cards, you can be as successful as them. What you need is to know how to form an employer-friendly social media presence. Take these tips as your guide. 

Social Media

1. Create your social media links.

First thing’s first: create your social media networks. Be sure to use uniform sets of information, especially your name, username, and contact details, so users and employers can easily find you. Also, don’t forget to link each account to your work email so you can collect and read messages and commenting in one place.

2. Develop a professional profile.

One way to attract followers and employers is to develop professional profiles. That means you must utilize high-definition photos and videos with brief yet relevant captions. Besides that, you must be modest at all times! Refrain from using vulgar words or sharing offensive posts. If you’ve posted one before, better delete it ASAP!

3. Regularly share relevant contents.

You are a plus-size model, that’s your brand. Therefore, most of the contents you share on your social media sites should be aligned. Talk about inclusiveness or prevailing social issues that the curvy community is currently facing. This is a good way to keep your audience interested too.

Active Followers

4. Gain more active followers.

It always pays to keep your existing audience interested so they continue following you on your social media sites. However, you also have to move forward by gaining more active users. Subscribe to famous influencers and add their followers too. You can also take advantage of paid ads, but this can be quite costly especially when you want to reach a bigger audience.

5. Ask people to share your posts.

Paid ads are a proven solution to gain more reach but asking people to spare you some time to like and share your posts is equally effective. Hence, don’t be shy to ask your friends and families to share any contents you have published on your social networks. They have separate friends and followers who can be potential patrons of your brand.

6. Always be responsive and engaging.

Influencers often lose their subscribers because they usually snob their fans and that’s a bad thing, especially for a budding plus-size model like you. Learn to be responsive to your audience by replying to their messages and comments. Always be friendly, grateful, and professional while interacting with them privately or publicly.

7. Ignore hateful comments.

You must understand that in this industry, you are bound to deal with a lot of hate. But you must not retaliate! Instead, ignore the haters or respond with favorable comment still. Foul responses will only lead you nowhere; a humble heart lets you gain others’ respect.


8. Prepare an e-portfolio.

The world is already operating in the virtual space, so you should too! Never forget to add a link to an electronic copy of your portfolio in the About section of your Facebook page, or the Bio section on Twitter and Instagram, among other sites. Remember to integrate the essential tips for creating a modeling portfolio so employers will be impressed if they stumble upon it. 

9. Join virtual modeling groups.

Now you can join virtual groups on different social media platforms, particularly on Facebook. On the search bar, just key any keyword that might relate to modeling and filter results to show Groups Only. Also, be sure to only send requests to groups that have a large number of members. By joining them, you will meet like-minded job seekers and gain access to industry-specific insights and hiring caravans. 

10. Highlight modeling achievements.

One way to build an employer-friendly social media presence is highlighting your modeling awards on your profiles. Yes, you already have your e-copy portfolio to show employers your notable works; however, they also need to be embedded on your sites. So add your relevant working history and prioritize the bigger brands. This way, you will attract a lot of scouting agencies to offer you job opportunities.

These tips will help you build a more stable career as a plus-size model, so it’s important that you wholeheartedly remember each one. Good luck!

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