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Why You Need to Research the Modeling Agency Before Signing a Contract

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Modeling for the plus-size industry is a tough battle, and it takes good marketing skills to find your way up. There are many ways to do that: develop an employer-friendly social media presence, build a strong modeling portfolio, and consistently audition for roles, among others.

But the list does not end there. Another way to kick-start a modeling career is to partner with a good modeling agency.

Working with a modeling agency has a lot of benefits. Through them, you can keep yourself safe, you get a little help marketing yourself, and you get more opportunities. But while it sounds like a safe way in to the modeling world, it is important that you make sure that the agency you’re signing with is the best pick.

But how does one make sure they’re with the right company? By doing a research.

Plus-Size Tips: Why Research the Modeling Agency Before Signing with Them

If you are considering taking an offer from an agency, take the time to look into the company’s record before you sign anything. Don’t just randomly pick agencies to represent you.

Modeling Agency

Modeling agencies earn a lucrative profit through the commissions they get from their model recruits. Some say that it’s a small price to pay in exchange for the modeling gigs they will hook you up to. Others share that modeling agencies can be your ticket to fame. While that is true, this should not stop you from doing your own research into how the agency came to be, how they usually work with models, and everything else that comes with it.

They will ask you sets of questions when you first meet with the agency, but you must also engage with them so you could assess if they are a good fit for you.

Things to Know About a Modeling Agency

To research the modeling agency does not mean to know why they’re called so. It goes beyond that. Here are bits of information you should know about the company you’re about to work with.

1. Size

Large firms with plenty of models on their catalog may attract more clients seeking their expertise. That’s good! But for a starting curve model, that means you’ll be competing with models that have better résumés than you. Better yet, go to a small-size or boutique modeling agency so you can get the best attention you need to set your career in motion.

2. Top clients

Hearing about the top clients of the agency helps you gauge the quality of service they offer and the market they cover. Some modeling agencies favor high-fashion models while others focus on commercial or editorial curve models.

Top Clients

3. Fees

Modeling agencies have varied fee breakdown for every type of modeling service (e.g., commercial, print, promotional, runway, editorial). It pays to know all that. This way, you can assess if they will be able to help you achieve your career goals.

4. Commission rates

Agencies make money off commission, which means that they only earn when you get paid. The rate varies, but typically, modeling agencies get at least 10 percent from what you make. Other times, they add a fee for the service on top of the commission. Hence it is important to research the modeling agency and determine if their commission rate is reasonable for the service you’ll be getting.

5. Model requirements

It isn’t enough to meet the industry’s plus-size modeling criteria, you also have to meet your agency’s. Some agencies set requirements for models before they represent them. The most common one is requiring recruits to attend modeling schools. Just in case you are about to sign a contract with an agency that does, you might want to look elsewhere with less demanding requirements.

You will never know whether or not you are in good hands if you do not research the modeling agency. Remember that they are not only representing you, they also hold the key to your modeling success.

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