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Top Modeling Agencies with Plus-Size Divisions

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Holly Bissonnette |

Never before has there been such acceptance, support, and demand for models size 12 up. So if you’re thicker than the typical fashion model and you know how to flaunt your curves, these modeling agencies should remind you that you have no reason to stop following your dream

But although plus-size modeling agencies continue to rise, there are still relatively a few of them that specialize in curvy models. So you may find the industry fiercely competitive. Here’s a list of modeling agencies with plus-size divisions to get you started.

Popular Modeling Agencies with Plus-Size Divisions

IMG Models

Holly Bissonnette |

Yes, even the agency that signed Kate Moss, Karlie Kloss, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Cara Delevingne now represents plus-size models! It’s never been a greater time to be a plus-size model. Since integrating their Curve board with the rest of their models in 2014, the team has taken to signing new plus-size talent at a rapid pace. Note that this agency is also home to Tara Lynn, Georgia Pratt, and Ashley Graham. In 2016, IMG Models introduced a men’s plus-size division: Brawn.

The future is bright, curvy dreamers!

Wilhelmina 10/20 Division

Wilhelmina houses a good number of gorgeous plus-size models in the country in LA. This agency was founded in 1967 by Dutch supermodel Wilhelmina Cooper and is now headed by CEO Bill Wackermann. In 1994, Susan Georget, then-Wilhelmina director and founder of its Curve division, worked with the “Vogue of plus-size,” Mode magazine, to celebrate body positivity at a time when thin-as-bones heroin chic reigned.

modeling agencies
Holly Bissonnette |

One of the agency’s rising stars, Barbie Ferreira, is plus-size. And like IMG Models, Wilhelmina also launched its own plus-size male division: Titans.

JAG Models

Ford Models closed its plus-size division in June 2013 to focus on its editorial divisions. Former Ford agents Gary Dakin and Jaclyn Sarka, both of whom co-directed Ford’s plus board for many years, founded Jag Models in July 2013, which currently represents about 30 models sizes 8-18.

Holly Bissonnette |

“The average size of the girls [we represent] is a 14/16 but there are 10s and there are 18s and if there’s a size 8 or a size 6 that we fall in love with we’ll take them on,” Dakin explained. “We’re not going to limit ourselves, because the industry shouldn’t be limiting to anybody.”

Muse Model Management

Muse Models is one the leading modeling agencies and offers many opportunities for young models to get their start. Founded in 2007 by Conor Kennedy, Muse has a specific division for plus-size models called +Muses.

Muse Management agent Rebecca Thorpe, a former plus-size model herself, said in an interview with Refinery29, “It’s time to showcase these girls in a beautiful, high-end looking way. . . . At the end of the day, these girls are models, and they need to have books and careers that flourish like any model.”

IPM Managment

Catering to women of all sizes, IPM Model Management believes in promoting the healthier model. “We are always striving to push the envelope of beauty and today more than ever before,” IPM assures on their website. “We strive to work with models that live a clean, healthy lifestyle. With well proportionate curves that show what a healthy woman’s body looks like. We provide the guidance and knowledge needed to propel their careers to the next level, regardless of whether it takes place on the runway, in print media, or on the big screen.”

IPM models currently range in sizes from 6 to 18.

Holly Bissonnette |

We Speak

Founded in 2013 by editorial model Briauna Mariah, We Speak is an agency that represents health-conscious, drug-free models. The agency emphasizes progressive body ideals and aims to help give models a voice in fashion and media.

“Everyone deserves to find love in themselves, in their body, and feel comfortable in their own skin,” says Briauna. “It’s important to bring each other up and celebrate each other. It’s not just important for the models or the women [but for] the brands as well.”

modeling agencies
Holly Bissonnette |

STATE Management

Founded in 2015, STATE Artist Management offers a modern alternative to the rapidly evolving modeling industry. With a progressive approach to scouting, STATE guides the successful careers of established models and launches the careers of the industry’s top, emerging new faces. STATE Management has a wide range of clientele for a diverse range of photo shoots. Like many modeling agencies, they call their plus-size division Curve.

“One of the things we talk about here is the culture of our company,” Bill Ivers, chief operating officer, said. “We create a supportive environment. The team approaches talent management with a simple but effective mantra: we work for our model and talent clients, not the other way around.”

Now muster up that courage and submit your portfolio to these modeling agencies!

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