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Aidy Bryant Launches Plus-Size Clothing Line Pauline

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Holly Bissonnette |

Beloved actress and comedienne Aidy Bryant just gave us more reasons to love her. On Thursday, the Saturday Night Live star announced her plus-size clothing line, Pauline, on Instagram.

“BIG NEWS: i made some dresses for you guys,” the actress captioned a photo of her in brand’s debut dress. “From my new clothing line, @shoppaulineny ?it’s a limited run so shop fast! follow @shoppaulineny for updates. love ya! xo, aidy ⚡️”

Aidy Bryant Just Launched a Plus-Size Clothing Line, and It’s Perfect

If you found yourself loving Annie Easton’s fashion-forward outfits in Shrill, then it’s time to rejoice. The actress behind Annie, Aidy Bryant, just launched her clothing line, designed specifically for women sizes 12 to 28.

A statement on the brand’s website explains their mission even further:

“Pauline thinks you deserve clothes that reflect who you are. Clothes that are well-made, easy to wear, easy to dress up or down, easy to style in a way that fits you. Everyone needs a friend like Pauline.”

Aidy Bryant
Holly Bissonnette |


The clothing line was named after Aidy Bryant’s great aunt from Idaho. Her aunt Pauline was “a sturdy lady who did her own thing” and “collected lots of little stuff.” Pauline was someone who Bryant saw herself in, and the name just fit. The line is a collaboration between the actress and designer Remy Pearce, who is the creative mind behind Bryant’s fashionable looks at various red carpet events, appearances, and award shows.


“I have been a fat lady my whole damn life . . . and I always felt like there were clothes out there, but not what I wanted,” Bryant says in a video on the brand’s site. “Things felt too trendy to me or too shapeless or too cutesy. And what I wanted was something easy and simple and cool but also comfortable.”

Holly Bissonnette | Paper Magazine

It wasn’t until 2012, when she landed her gig on Saturday Night Live and entered the world of professional stylists and custom-made clothing, that she realized what it felt like to have real style options. “I was like, ‘Oh my God, this must be what other people feel like when they have clothes they liked that fit them.’ That was a totally novel thing to me at 25 or 28,” Bryant says.

From her Pinnable wedding dress to her Emmys ensemble covered in 3,500 sequins, Bryan has been inspiring fans with her style for years. As she walked the red carpets with custom pieces on, more and more people began to ask about her outfits. “We were getting such a big response from people online being like, ‘Oh my God, where can I get your dress?’” Bryant says.


Aidy Bryant noted that it was a “real conflict” for her when a lot of her peers can’t go out and buy the custom designs she wears. They simply don’t exist on the market! “There’s just the part of that that I think sucks so bad.” This long-standing discrepancy for plus-size shoppers is what spurred Bryant to enter the fashion design space.

Aidy Bryant
Holly Bissonnette | Blanck Magazine

“I think the customer is there and it just seems so wild to me that still, I could probably count on two hands the number of plus-size retailers that are really making stuff that I’m willing to wear, and that to me is what it’s all about,” Bryant says. “It’s lack of choice. How do you really ever know your style if you don’t have the breadth of choice?”

Future dresses

The first item you can purchase is a dress called Lovington, available in three different prints: solid blue, gingham, and stripe. A trio of models—including Bryant, a size 18, as well as Ushshi, size 26, and Anissa, size 16—can be seen on the site showing off the cute dress, which goes up to a size 28. The dress has a sense of ease to it, and it’s for the customer who prefers minimalist pieces. Bryant is sick of overly trendy plus-size clothes. She wanted something that you can “just put it on, let your hair be messy, throw on some shoes, and you’re ready to go.”

The dress, worth $175, is only available in a limited run. But don’t worry. If you miss out this time, Aidy Bryant promises there is much more in store for Pauline in the future. Bryant doesn’t mention any specific pieces, though she does say she’s always in search of the perfect, everyday T-shirt. Whatever comes next is sure to be thoughtful, unique, and easy to wear.

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