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Truth About Plus-Size Models

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Many plus-size models want to know how to be rich and famous with their modeling career. While being patient and hardworking seems to be the common advice one gets, you should know more. Learn about the ins and outs of the modeling business by reading through the entire section. Being a plus-size model is not easy; it requires more than just patience and hard work. However, what you have to do may be more than what you read in the book, see in reality shows, and even in this article. Experience can only speak for itself.

To get your ready with the tedious and complex world of modeling, you need to be knowledgeable about what actually happens in the world of plus-size modeling. Understanding your profession will be the first step to appreciate and love your job as a plus-size model.

History of Plus-Size Modeling

Plus-size modeling started in the early 1900s in the US. Miss America on the 1926 had the vital statistics of 34-26.5-37.5, which makes her the standard “American Venus.” So curvier women then had the chance to join Miss America and make a chance to start doing modeling jobs.

At the time, Lane Bryant became the very first retailer to cater plus-size wardrobes. She thought that no companies provided clothing for pregnant women. In the same year, the clothing line then produced ensembles for plus-size women.

In 1960s, Twiggy emerged in the fashion scene. She was the first and the one who paved the way for waiflike models. However, with her recent look on models, she’d rather see them healthier and rather confident to show off their curves. But it’s also a sad truth, according to the supermodel, that lots of fashion designers just want to dress slim girls.

Famous Plus-Size Models and Their Stories

Lots of plus-size models want to prosper in the industry. Crystal Renn is one of the successful and controversial models in the plus-size modeling genre. She modeled for H&M, Jimmy Choo, and Gautier. She went to size 12 because she wanted to help fight anorexia. However, she lost weight, and everyone became disappointed. Now back at size 8, she modeled for plus-size to redeem her career.

Supermodel Jennie Runk is the latest model to do plus-size modeling. She joined the line of models to do endorsement for H&M summer wear. She expressed her hopes for normal and plus-size not be considered separate entities anymore.

Get inspired with plus-size models who made it through the modeling genre. If you wish to be a serious model, there’s only one thing to keep in mind: love the body that you have. If you do, then surely, it’ll be easier for you to merge in the fashion modeling industry.

To be able to get into plus-size modeling world, there are only a few requirements: start with your portfolio, resume, and headshot. Keep in mind that you have to undergo plus-size modeling auditions. In order for you to get modeling jobs, you have to get representation from a modeling agency or a talent resource company to help you get through modeling auditions. Subscribe to an online talent resource company that help you part of the pool of plus-size models.

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