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New Season of America’s Next Top Model Fails to Recognize Curvy Women

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America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) is a pop culture phenomenon. After all, the show has been on for 23 seasons now, and even with the departure of Tyra Banks as host and judge, it still continues to dominate over other shows and tops favorite fashion shows list.

ANTM recently returned on VH1, and needless to say, viewers were transfixed with the new setup and many were left wondering how the show would do without Banks’s star power owning the screen. Unfortunately, a lot of criticisms were immediately thrown at ANTM as the reality show failed to recognize models beyond the traditional sample size.

America’s Next Top Model‘s Lack of Plus-Size Models Draws Controversy

ANTM Judges

America’s Next Top Model has always rallied for diversity. Back in 2009, the first transgender contestant, Isis King, was introduced to the world. Another was Winnie Harlow, who rose to become the first model with severe vitiligo. Harlow famously appeared in Beyoncé‘s video for Lemonade and has starred in numerous fashion campaigns in her growing career. 

Plus-size women have also been represented throughout ANTM. Cycle 3’s Tocarra Jones captured the world with her feisty attitude and sheer determination. Despite not winning the show, she still went on to have a successful career as a plus-size model.  

America’s Next Top Model

Apparently, the same cannot be said about the new season. Aside from the addition of plus-size model Ashley Graham to the judges’ table, the show still failed to include plus-size hopefuls to the list of contestants.

Actress Danielle Brooks Speaks About ANTM Controversy

Danielle Brooks

Danielle Brooks, who is best known for her role as Taystee in the Netflix original show Orange Is the New Black was the first famous name to weigh in on the issue. Brooks has always been an active body image advocate and has remained vocal about the industry’s lack of diversity. 

She continued,

Another famous name that has voiced out her concerns regarding the controversy is Tess Holliday. Like Brooks, the plus-size model called out producers of the show on their decision to exclude models beyond the sample size.

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