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Ashley Graham Launches SECOND Collection with Swimsuits for All

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If you need another reason to get excited about summer, then you should know that supermodel Ashley Graham is launching her second collection with popular online retailer Swimsuits for All. The New York–based company is known for creating stylish suits that fit sizes 4 and above.

Graham first collaborated with them during her historic Sports Illustrated cover last February 2015. In the same year, Swimsuits for All announced that they signed the 29-year-old model as the official face of the brand. She subsequently launched her first collection in March 2016.

Ashley Graham Announces Second Swimwear Range with Swimsuits for All

Swimsuits for All

Hundreds have turned to social media to show photos of themselves wearing Graham’s latest collection. The popularity was so widespread on Instagram that the hashtag #ashleygrahamxswimsuitsforall earned up to 1,300 posts on the photo-sharing site. The range has resonated with plus-size women the most and this couldn’t have pleased the model more. Graham wrote, “Love seeing you beauties in my swimsuits!” on her own page along with a snap of her happy customers.

“We had so much demand for expanding the size range, so this collection starts at size 6 and runs to 22,” Graham announced. “The Ashley Graham x Swimsuits for All woman is confident, happy, and encourages others to be their best selves.” She added, “Embrace your figure, and wear what makes you most comfortable. Accepting your body is a personal journey and doesn’t happen overnight.”

While a majority of Graham’s previous designs were inspired by the James Bond movies, her second collection focuses more on tropical and resort wear. Needless to say, there is a piece for every curvy body out there. You can choose from a variety of prints, chic maillots, and sexy bikinis. 

Ashley Graham-Second Swimwear Range

Among the posts shared on social media were stories of body confidence and weight loss.

One user captioned her Ashley Graham x Swimsuits for All snap with the words: “This bathing suit is something I would not have worn a few months ago, but here I am. Enjoying this rest day with loved ones. Happy Fourth of July weekend.” Another shared personal details about her weight loss journey and how she eventually learned to find acceptance within herself. 

To check out Graham’s stunning swimsuit range that will help get you ready for the summer, visit the Swimsuits for All website right here

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