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How ASOS Men Plus-Size Is Changing the Industry

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ASOS has been bringing a variety of clothing styles and accessories to the market over the years. From clothes for women who are pregnant, petite, or curve, ASOS seemingly has it all. But the major fashion brand is expanding their line by extending their menswear line.  

Ever since the ASOS men plus-size section opened its Web site, people have been raving over the trendy clothing choices the brand has laid out for one of the most overlooked sections in fashion.

The e-commerce retailer based in the United Kingdom extended their sizes for men to fill in the large void in the market. They offer sizes that range from XXXL to XXXXXL and now have tall products for customers who are over 6 feet and 3 inches.

ASOS Men Plus-Size to Be Extended in February 2017

Trendy Clothing

There is a large amount of scrutiny for bigger-sized men in the country compared to that of women. This can be largely rooted from the fact that the fashion industry fails to recognize them. Back in 2016, it is a rare occurrence to see a male plus-size model make it to front page news. That said, the mission to bring this unrecognized sector to mainstream attention is making slow progress.

ASOS’s direct competitor, Old Navy, also offers a great selection for men up to size XXL. But the style options are limited to office wear, like khakis, jeans, and a ton of button-up shirts. The same can be said for H&M, which is yet to extend their own size range for plus-size men.

Plus-Size Men

Males on the hunt for larger options need to look no further than the ASOS men plus-size section. Not only are there a variety of styles available from their core collection, but other carrier brands on their site including Barney’s, Duke, Noose and Monkey, and Wrangler have extended their sizes as well. 

Plus-size blogger Troy Solomon, who is behind the popular fashion blog A Bear Named Troy, praised ASOS for their smart business move.

“It’s a pretty big game changer for plus-size and it’s a big step forward for men’s clothing in general,” he told

Nick Eley, head of ASOS men plus-size section, stated that the primary goal was to guarantee that the garments that the brand offers to smaller sizes will be no different for those falling under the big and tall categories. In line with their campaign, young models of diverse sizes were tasked to promote the new sections.

With the warm reception the ASOS plus-size men is getting, Eley says that there is a big chance that they will be extending the line soon.

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