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Struggling Mom Shares How Her Hobby of Taking Selfies Turns into a Career as a Fetish Model

Sabien Demonia used to be struggling on benefits and then her selfies and Fetish Modeling became her money maker and confidence booster and her life took a turn for the better. [media-credit id=232 align="aligncenter" width="640"][/media-credit]The single mother used to have a hard time buying clothes for her children. She moved to the UK from Poland in 2010, and she worked…

Plus-Size Model Iskra Lawrence, Who Was Rejected for Having Hips ‘Too Big,’ Poses for Lingerie Brand Aerie

American Eagle lingerie brand Aerie does not airbrush its models. They have seen their sales rise in recent months, and now they took another step to stand out from their competition. While Aerie has always promoted "real women" with curvier shapes, their new ambassador is the beautiful Iskra Lawrence who has often been called a plus-size model, though she doesn't want…

Meet the Woman Who Is Making Headlines as Penthouse’s First Plus-Size Model

Kelly Shibari is a plus-size model who does not look like the typical models you see in a spread for Penthouse magazine. Throughout its history in publication, the magazine is known to promote models that fit the conventional standard of beauty—very thin, petite bodies. Half-Asian and curvaceous, Shibari is 43. She is considered unique in her adult entertainment industry. She has…