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Fashion Dos and Don’ts for the Plus-Size Women of 2020

It's 2020, and the old myths about wearing plus-size outfits no longer apply! Rejoice! Compared to the previous decade, the fashion and modeling industries have become significantly more inclusive as people around the world found their voice on the internet. Compared to the previous generation, plus-size women today are faced with more clothing options, fashion inspirations, fashion collections, and irresistible…

Getting in Touch with Plus-Size Modeling Agencies: A Step-by-Step Guide

Kickstarting a career for the plus-size modeling industry is a tough battle, and it takes good marketing skills to find your way up. There are many ways to do that: develop an employer-friendly social media presence, build a strong modeling portfolio, and consistently getting in touch with plus-size modeling agencies, among others. With all the already-established plus-size models in your…

#PlusIsEqual, the First All-Male Plus-Size Fashion Show, Just Had a Casting Call

While women were constantly at the butt end of jokes on weight in the past decades, male privilege itself and the social stigmas surrounding masculinity are causing the significant delay in the body positivity movement for male bodies. Thankfully, as the fashion industry slowly diversifies over the years, more and more plus-size male models have made waves all over the…

The Best Places to Buy Plus-Size Clothing

A curvier woman might have trouble when it comes to clothes shopping. This is because most brick and mortar shops aren't well stocked with plus-size clothing. Plus, almost all clothing available in these shops are shapeless and not fashionable. Because of this, plus-size women are left with no other choice, but to search online for the best buys. When they go on the Internet,…

Kentucky Derby-Inspired Plus-Size Dresses You’d Love

The Kentucky Derby is an annual horse race held at Louisville, Kentucky, USA. This race is known around the US as “the most exciting two minutes in sports” and features thoroughbreds racing against each other on a two-kilometer length racetrack. One of this derby's main highlights aside from the race and the beautiful thoroughbreds is the styles worn by the men…

Japan’s Fashion Industry Hits a Milestone with La Farfa

Japan's first plus-size fashion magazine, La Farfa, recently celebrated its second anniversary. Considered as one of the country's fashion milestones, the magazine's name is derived from an abbreviation of the Italian word for butterfly, "farfalla", La Farfa. Only 50,000 copies of the magazine's first issue were printed. However, because of its warm reception, the number of prints was doubled for the…